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How was your waitperson today?

Asked by dpworkin (27045points) May 14th, 2010

Did you eat in a restaurant? How was the service? Anything notable about the waitperson or the transaction?

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My waitress knew a lot about Washington, DC. Her Grandma and Grandpa lived in Arlington. Well her Grandpa lives there, her Grandma lives in a nursing home. She has Alzheimer’s. My waitress’ dad takes care of grandpa. He goes down there, like, once a month, to change light bulbs, clean the gutters, ‘n’ shit. My waitress has been going to DC practically all her life. She knows all about it. They went there on her 8th Grade class trip. She knows all about the Metro and everything. She says to her boyfriend, “Hey, we oughta go down to DC. I know all about it. We could take the Metro everywhere, we wouldn’t even have to drive.” It’s kind of sad that my waitress has a grandma with Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t even really go see grandma in the nursing home. What’s the point, really? Grandma doesn’t even recognize her any more, or her dad (grandma’s son) either. Grandpa doesn;t really visit much either. He’s pretty happy living out there in Arlington (that’s in Virginia) by himself, as long as his son comes by once a month or so to help out.

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Did you get a chance to eat and/or to talk to the other people at your table or was this waitress the center of attention?
We had a waitress do that, answering a person’s conversation at my table and the person just looked cooly at her and said “I’m not talking to you” and she left. Keep in mind this was about the third time she had interrupted us, so the person at my table wasn’t rude, she was.

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I happened to be eating alone. But let’s hear about your experiences. We’ve already heard about mine.

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I went to a very small and extremely busy diner around 10:30 this morning. it was packed and there were only a few waitresses, as their always are. she did what she had to do and was friendly, but she didn’t chat (of course not, she didn’t have a spare second to). everything was delivered in a timely manner and she brought me extra cream very quickly! i was pleased. oh and my ham was so good.

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I have not had any problems with any waiters or waitresses ever I think. I have never run into any disgruntled or angry people. I have had overly happy waiters and waitresses but there is nothing wrong with that of course. So this is a good thing I guess.

Edit: Oh wait! I remember one time now lol…...I had a waitress a few months ago that was W.A.S.T.E.D. at an IHOP. My girlfriend and I were not even mad that she could barely open her eyes and almost spilled water that she was carrying, we just felt bad for her because she was totally done. I really hope she didn’t get fired, because there was no hiding that, hopefully she was just having a bad day that passed.

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Aw, she was a doll. She gave me extra dark chocolate for my mocha on the house.

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Mario was quite nice. I didn’t learn anything about his life, but we did learn about the specials, the organic program that co-incided with the restaurant’s donation to City Harvest, dishes were served and removed appropriately and I got a big smile when I tried to make an extra donation to City Harvest. Worked for me.

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Does my Grandmother count? She made me a full English breakfast this morning! She was wonderful :)

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