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Why don't i have armpit hair?

Asked by Oops1 (20points) May 14th, 2010

I am 13 and 5.5. My voice is deeper then others in my class. I have pubic hair, and can ejaculate, but i dont have armpit hair. I have seen some other guys armpits when they raise their hand or in the locker room, and most have at least a tiny bit. I do have some faint hairs, but not noticeable, why is this?

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These things just take time and everyone develops differently . . . give it about a week (at the rate teenage boys grow) and you might be surprised . . .

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Thanks, but i just dont really understand this because i heard that armpit hair is one of the first things in puberty, but i am pretty far in, except for that

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You will. Just give it time, honey. Kids develop hormones at different stages. Don’t get upset by it yet.

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Each person’s physical development is idiosyncratic, and also body hair varies greatly from individual to individual. When you are 19, if you still have no armpit hair, you might want to ask an endocrinologist. Before that, it’s not really worth a second thought.

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LMFAO! “I have pubic hair, and can ejaculate, but I dont have armpit hair.”. Ahhh the ignorance of youth lol…...No but seriously, people develop different things at different times, I never even got acne and I’m 24. I had a lot of facial hair at 15 too, but my voice was not that deep.

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I started shaving (my face) at 13, but I didn’t grow much armpit hair til my late teens. Bro you should be happy, a lot of underarm BO is trapped in armpit hair.

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I’m 32 and have barely any. And I grow a pretty full beard when it starts to get cold outside. You are just 13, I wouldn’t worry. I didn’t need to shave until I was fifteen.

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I say enjoy it while it lasts, I have to trim my pits or else they get crazy hairy and make me sweat and smell. I’ve been thinking about getting laser hair removal on my pits.

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a girl’s 2 cents: thick pit hair is gross, and often gets deodorant clumpies (nasty!) so this may actually be a blessing in disguise.

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You mentioned four things in your Q which you regard as marks of maturity.

So you only have three of them so far. Look on the bright side here.

If you had armpit hair like an ape instead, but the missing item was ejaculation, would you rather that were the case?

Yeah, I thought you might not like that trade off :) Armpit hair really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Others have already pointed out its disadvantages.

Out of the four items, that’s the missing one that you should worry about the least. I’m pretty sure none of your buddies are obsessing over other other guys’ armpit hair.

Relax and enjoy life with what you do have :)

Soon enough you’ll be all grown up with all it’s attendant responsibilities, obligations and headaches. Soon enough you’ll be longing for the carefree times of your salad days.

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You’re sweet. It will come just be patient.

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It will probably be there in a month, sweetheart. Don’t be worried.
And, I hope you like it.

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