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Something unconventionally sexy?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) May 14th, 2010

We all get turned on by different things. Some things are universal, like Anjelina Jolie wearing (or not wearing) well… anything. Or any beautiful woman in a negligee, or the right dress and the right perfume.

But are there unconventional things that are sexy to you?

Have you had a recent experience of something that turned you on?

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Frozen peas! (Don’t esk!)

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I’ll never tell.

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Eyes are my biggest turn on.

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Examples, peeps, examples.

Come on: “Eyes” and “Art” are not exactly unconventional – and where are the examples???!!!

I’m not going to ask any more interesting questions if you do that.

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I like sexy loafers.

Mmmm…funky cool shoes on a man turn me on! lol

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Ooh.. so this was supposed to be an interesting question. So do you mean unconventional as like being turned on by a 90 year old man’s sagging arse?

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@AmWiser If I joined a social network – I wouldn’t insult one of the old-timers first thing. I’d read up a bit first, check his profile, learn that he’d been here forever and asked about 400 questions. Then insult him.

I look forward to your interesting questions. Welcome to fluther, newb.

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Forgive me if that seemed like an insult. Please accept my humble apology. Seriously, I would never intentionally insult anyone, especially on a social network and being a new-b. I know I’m in for it if I ever get around to posting a question:-) Thanks for welcoming me to Fluther.

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@AmWiser I accept your apology, but really, could this be interpreted as anything but insulting: “Ooh.. so this was supposed to be an interesting question.”

By the way, we have a signal for sarcasm here: ~

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Never fear, there are hypersensitives everywhere.

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@Coloma You should know. Typical.

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Zen not everyone knows you had a different user name before this one. Personally I wouldn’t consider a 6th month member to be an old timer.

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@FutureMemory true – but even as this one I’ve asked over a hundred – and that’s not the point – she insulted me unprovoked.

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< Member says > :

Can we stop the bickering and get back on topic? This got derailed incredibly fast.

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No Coloma, I don’t feel Zen is hypersensitive..I think he’s being kind, wanting me to know the rules. After all I am new to this site. So new I’m still trying to find the signal for sarcasm.

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As I said, I accept her apology – I was just taken aback at the attack – unprovoked, from someone here since yesterday. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – if this isn’t an interesting question they can say so – or just go elsewhere.

Anyway… it wasn’t a serious topic to begin with – it weas meant to be playful and sexy and I purposefully put it in “social.”

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I like when my man is wearing sweats, a white tee, and a hoodie. It makes me want to cuddle up with him and I can also see the protrusion of his dick through his the loose sweatpants. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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I love the view of a woman’s back (clothed) when you can see the physical outline of her bra. Oh man….so hot.

Even with my elite google skills I can’t find a pic that properly represents this :(

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@FutureMemory I hear you – I also love the view of those long-cut dresses – a la J Lo at the oscar, when you can just see the beginning of the crack of a beautiful butt.

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Guys who can ride horses.

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Just joining this thread… will wear helmet just in case :P

I think guys in kilts are hot, as are guys who grey prematurely a la Anderson Cooper

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@Ponderer983 Sorry to harp on, but yet again I mistook you for jbfletcherfan! It is a little disturbing.

I like very young Korean boy bands, like this one. Wait, is that unconventional? Or just creepy?

(For those who don’t look at the link, it shows a boy band dancing in very tight pants, and they are a bit young.)

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I find a coyote howl sexy. Not that I like coyotes, or men making coyote howls, but I’m fortunate to hear them every night in the woods near my house.

For some reason it really turns me on.

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Hot pink leopard print pajama pants.

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@Sarcasm I hate you right now. Jsyk.

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For some reason I get turned on by the moms with their strollers lol…......I’ve already said too much.

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@Blackberry That’s not unconventional – hey guys – I don’t mind everyone just writing what they find sexy – but it would be nice if someone paid attention to the question and details. Even in the new “social” category – there has to be some kind of dialogue – or else all questions will become just a chat. There’s a chatroom for that, no?

@Blackberry That’s the whole M.I.L.F thing – and I’m with you on that one.

@Coloma I don’t want to get into a name-calling fight with an old lady who joined a couple of months ago and insists on calling me names though never having spoken with me.

Notice how I never come into your questions and bother you. Whenever you jump into my thread and say something (nasty or stupid, in my opinion – and unprovoked – as I didn’t even address you) – I call it by saying “typical”. You responded with hypersensistive jackass.

Trust me: I can use nasty words too. We don’t want that.

Let’s call a truce; you stay away from me, I’ll stay away from you.

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@Zen_Again To be fair, you mention two examples of conventionally sexy things, and no examples of unconventional things in your details, leaving it open for people to define unconventional for themselves.

Also, how can it not be purely subjective? (Especially seeing as you set very loose parameters.) Liking M.I.L.Fs very well might be considered unconventional by @Blackberry‘s peers, even if it seems ‘normal’ to you.

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@jeanmay I read with detail your comment, looked at my details and at what you said – and I must agree with you 100%. I’m an idiot on this one.

Thanks dear.

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@Zen_Again You’re welcome!

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For some reason I find it really sexy watching the fiancĂ© do his hair. I don’t know what it is.

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I always feel self-conscious answering in a thread where it’s devolved into bickering. Anyway,

During my freshman year of art school, we were all presenting our final projects. One of my (cute) classmates took off her jeans, shirt, and shoes and stepped into a red person-sized lycra pouch that she made. She did an artsy interpretive dance around the hallway, and it wasn’t really suggestive, but you could see the outlines of her body through the… pouch… thing. The professor, a cute, mischievous Japanese lady, stole her clothes and made her do the dance again twice. All the students got a big laugh out of this.

I pulled an all-nighter the night before to finish my own project and I was strung out on like six lattes. So I didn’t realize this was hot til later.

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I won’t piss on your mountain, but I WILL point out an attitude when I see one.

” I don’t want to get into a name calling fight with an old lady ” lol

Uh…would that be an oxymoron young man?

I find it amusing to no end that you have this grandiose self imposed status as the king of the hill just because you have been participating longer than some, as if there IS some country club membership that only a select few can obtain.

Gimme a break!

Hate to burst your egoic bubble but everyone here is equal regardless of how long they have been participating.

” Insulting an old timer ” forgive me your grace, may I still be a humble member of your exclusive kingdom?

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I find it sexy watching a man take a shower and washing himself, slowly while watching me watching him.

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@chyna Oh hells yeah. Also having someone else with you in the shower and washing each other. Mm. Yes please!

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[mod says] Let’s try to stick to the topic, folks. No need to get personally insulting.

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Freshly cut grass.

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Golf greens. (I imagine lying there in the moonlight, not alone)

A man who walks and runs with grace and smoothness.

Levi’s and white Tee shirt on a slim man.

Long hair on a guy.

Seeing a man take care of a child, especially carrying a baby or toddler.

Long, clean well groomed fingers on a man.

The lights on a small airport runway after dark. (another place I would like to have sex)

A 2 person sleeping bag.

A fainting couch.

I know that this is just a list, and as for experiences, some of them I have experienced, some I would like to.

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@Coloma There are lotsa questions. For the last time, if you don’t like me, go elsewhere.

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I love a man with a juicy set of eyebrows .
And I also really like the wrinkles that some guys have around their eyes when they smile. I find it extremely adorable.

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Also, a nicely built guy mowing the yard in a tight t-shirt, while sweating. Oh yes, uh huh.
@chels Now I need that shower, a cold one.

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Men with noticeable veins. (Not a stupid vampire thing)

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I’m with the laugh crinkles at the corners of the eyes too.

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Why are crow’s feet considered sexy on men, but not on women?

Patience is really sexy on someone, like when a person takes the time to explain something to someone without showing a hint of weariness or superiority.

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I have crows feet. Form a line, ladies.

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@FutureMemory We lose the effect if you hide them with shades. Plus sunglasses indoors is very unsexy.

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I love men in faded bluejeans hangin’ kind of low, no shirt on, of course, little bit of beard, shaggy hair, on a sunny day at the beach with old rock and roll playing. There’s a bit of breeze and he’s smiling at me with those great crinkley eyes. Whew, great question! Edit- not unconventional at all but I sure enjoyed the imagining of it!

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@jeanmay A sad truth.

I really could have so many answers to this question, though.
Let me think…
Well, I think that everything about David Bowie is incredibly sexy.
And here’s another example of my eyebrow fetish.
I also have kind of a thing for Raffi (yes, the children’s songwriter. I’m sure everything about that is unconventional).

Recently, I found out that this kid at my school that I didn’t know that well had this incredible singing voice. It wasn’t the typical singing voice but rather this throaty, otherworldly miracle of a bellow. I was so turned on by that which was really awkward. I mean, the guy wasn’t even that cute. Would that be unconventional?

Also, I love it when I see mean wearing those baby harness things .
Another weird turn-on of mine.

I could go on, but I won’t. ;)

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@squidcake Most guys with incredibly sexy voices = sexy guys period. That’s how all those butt-ugly rockers and singers get the babes. Women see through the physical: the funny, smart or (best of all) singer types can always land babes.

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So true. But, I don’t care how well Mick Jagger can rock, I will always find that man to be disgusting.

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@squidcake Case in point: so many women seem to find him (and Steven Tyler, and the guy from Red Hot Chili Peppers, etcetera) sexy. To me he looks (and looked 40 years ago) like a pair of woman’s lips with an ugly mug wrapped around them. That on top of a skinny, pale, muscle-less body.

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@Zen_Again He must have some muscles- he moves- walks, jumps, climbs stairs, jumps some more all while singing. And for the whole show! If you’ve ever glanced there, he has quite an impressive package.

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@faye Those aren’t muscles. It’s the coke.

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@Zen_Again Do you like the music?

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There are certain songs that are part of my life’s soundtrack, to be sure, @faye – but I’ve never bought an album or gone to a concert. And I’ve done a lot of both, buying albums and going to concerts, i.e.

I guess not so much. You?

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Sure, they were my growing up band and they give a show of shows for their concerts. I went to whichever concert came to Edmonton, Canada in ‘92 or ‘93— Voodoo lounge? The dead guy sang a lovely love song.

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I think humble, modest people are sexy.

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