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What if you could hold your ground?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) May 15th, 2010

Imagine that you had an interesting quality that makes it impossible for anyone to move you against your will. Furthermore, along with your ability to demobilize yourself you would necessarily be invulnerable, and very strong. Noone could withstand a sustained conflict against you.

What would happen if a person had these qualities and decided they would hold their ground. Would civilization be able to ignore this geographical point, or lose it. How much would the location of the stand off impact the world.

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Would you still need to eat, sleep and go to the loo occasionally? If so I don’t suppose this person could become a long-term irremovable land mark that everyone would have to work their way around. People would only have to synchronise the traffic with their bedtime, lunch and potty breaks.

If that’s not what you meant, well, I don’t suppose it would influence the world at large much at all if you had one fight like that, except if you’d do it in the middle of a busy highway. You’d get some traffic jams.
You’d get that without superpowers too.

Unless… Does “immovable” here mean immovable relative to the earth, or relative to the sun, or relative to the centre of the galaxy? You could end up slowing down the earth’s orbit and make the whole thing fall into the sun. Your feet would press a crater into the ground as all the momentum of the earth’s weight collides with you. Or if you’re standing on the other side, you’d be left behind as the earth moves on, and end up floating helplessly in space.

Fun question.

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I’m trying to think of super-heroes – umm, the Hulk? Thing?

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You could become something like a flash point spot for other conflicts, like “Dome of the Rock”.

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Would my mortal enemy be the Irresistable Force?

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you would eventually become a cornerstone and be built on… maybe your own religion?

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Just hope they don’t use you as a pillar.

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I was told to be a pillar to society , and not a pile of it..or on it

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