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What can I do with a 4 year old?

Asked by Ajmiller (14points) May 15th, 2010

A 4 year old girl is coming to my house and I have no plans! I don’t know what she would like. She doesn’t like baby toys and you know that kind of stuff. She likes hanging out with the big girls and pretending she is one. And we probably can’t bake any cookies because of a painful back story that happened when we made cookies the last time she was over. So please help.

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Cookies can’t be THAT tragic.
Make up games.
Play outside.
Play dress-up.
Read books.
Make up an art project.
Ask her what she wants to do and work around that.

I’m assuming you’re not old enough to drive, so is there anywhere you can go within walking distance?

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In addition to the above: Fingernail painting, painting rocks (you know, to make paperweights!), go on a bug hunt, play in the sprinkler if it’s warm outside, blow bubbles, watch a Disney movie, play Simon Says or Hide and Seek…basically, anything the kid wants to do that isn’t unsafe. A four year old should be more than capable of telling you what she wants to do if you give her a couple of choices.

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finger nail painting – but check with parents first to be sure
draw on sidewalk with chalk
play hopscotch
fold/sort laundry (they like to do this at this age)
make popsicles using paper cups + her fave juice + popsicle sticks/straws
blow bubbles
take a walk in your neighborhood and take pictures of cool stuff, then show her the pictures on your computer
watch a movie together
go to the library
play with legos

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There are good suggestions above. Art projects are the best (and the messiest). When she wears you out, let her play on the computer at,, or pbskids,com.

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I second sidewalk chalk. No four-year-old can resist it’s simple charm.
Or just doodling in general. Or coloring books. Coloring books are a gift of the gods.
Or make a pillow fort, or a fort out of blankets and chairs.

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ART!!!That what I’ve always done when babysitting my nieces and nephews.
Anything creative is fun:)
that’s what gets me voted favorite aunt every year-that’s right:)

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Spa day, manicure, pedicure, facial etc. or you could hang her on a hook by the back of her shirt until her mom gets home.

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If she is expecting a “big girl” outing with you then surprise her with a slew of down and dirty 4 year old activities. My “boys” at that age reveled in being just that…. their age!! It seems to me these days parents especially are pushing their kids to excell and the kid(s) don’t get to experience the fun of being young as much as I did! Fingerpaint, make chocolate chip pancakes, do dress up…let her and show her what it is to be a 4 year old…it goes oh so fast!!!

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