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Where can I buy a mynah bird in the uk?

Asked by foys2891 (27points) May 15th, 2010 from iPhone
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I’m not sure where, but I would like to offer the warning that they are extremely demanding birds to care for. You may wish to be sure you understand what you are undertaking, so as to avert a possible tragedy if things don’t work out.

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No idea, but they are an infestation here (Hawaii). Why not plan a visit for some future time and you can see them wild all over the place without the hassle of day to day care. Just don’t feed them.

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I was able to find this link and if you scroll down there are several places in the UK.

I don’t know anything about these birds so I would abide by info from folks like @dpworkin about the role of the mynah as a house pet. I have dogs . . .

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Here in New Zealand they are not much liked, although I rather enjoy their bolshy nature and wonderful eye mask which always makes me think of the Beagle Boys. I have heard that you can teach them to talk, is that what interests you?

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