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Can you explain what this means?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) May 15th, 2010 from iPhone

I never understood the “point” system, for example, 400.1 million or 5.3 million. Can you translate that for me? I’m doing economics homework and this happens to be in my book. I know it may be a little late in my education to NOT know this but my head was in the clouds at the time. Thank you.

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400.1 million = 400 million + 1/10 of one million = 400 million + 100,000 = 4,100,000 = four million, one hundred thousand.

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5.3 million = 5 million + 3/10 of one million = 5 million + 300,000 = 5,300,000 = five million, three hundred thousand

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Wow very confusing.. So what about if it’s 12.0 million.. It equals 12,000,000 right?

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Exactly! : )

That’s about as clear as I know how to make it. Sorry!

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Ahh thank you you just saved my homework(:

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LMAO! Yer welcome! : D

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The first digit to the right of the decimal point is hundreds of thousands; the second is tens of thousands, etc. This is only when talking about millions. In a more general sense, it’s as @CaptainHarley says, the first digit to the right of the point being 1/10 of the units used, the second being 1/100, etc.

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I believe that 400.1 million would properly mean 400,100,000 and not 4,100,000, which should be written 4.1 million.

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