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A Gated Golf Community OR a Farm w/Animals?

Asked by Aster (19301points) May 15th, 2010

Would you rather live in an elegant, gated community with it’s own pool, golfcourse and clubhouse OR a private tract of wooded land with lots of animals, no pool but a big garden and why?

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Farm with animals.

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I prefer something in between.

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Easy. A farm.

Golf courses are such a big waste of land. My husband works on a farm, and we are able to go camping on the owners property. It’s peaceful, beautiful and in tune with nature. I envy this family so much.

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@perspicacious What would you prefer that’s in between?

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@Aster I would not want to be in a gated community nor be subject to HOA fees. I would want a lot larger than 1/5 acre. I would not care to raise animals, but wouldn’t mind growing vegetables and having some acreage. That pretty much doesn’t fit either of your options.

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A farm with the animals living in their own gated community/communities. :) I don’t want them all running amok.

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forget the gated community….find a home that speaks out to you.
If you love animals fine.

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Option two. I need the woods. Freedom. Nature. Garden. The animals, although I love animals, could come or go only b/c it is a lot of hard work.

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We want to own our own land and have our house, our animals, and grow our own foods. We’ll get there eventually (probably another 10 years before it happens though).

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The farm. I would also take the farm off grid. I adore the idea of being as autonomous as possible.

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I’d take the farm, but only if I could hire someone to work the garden. Otherwise, everything in it would die. I’d enjoy the animals, and the kids would love it. I imagine a big farm property to also have a pond, so who needs a pool? A pond is fine for swimming and we could go fishing in the summer or ice skating in the winter! I grew up with a big pond on our property, and it was a great thing to have as a kid.

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Why does it have to be a golf community? I hate golf. Overall I’d prefer a spacious apartment or townhouse in the middle of the city (or a Beverly Hills mansion, whichever). But of these two options, a private community would be ideal, I just wouldn’t use the golf course.

I couldn’t handle all the work involved in keeping a farm. I need to be close to the city, because that’s where I plan to work. A private village comes with people and neighbours, security, probably a certain amount of prestige. Walks in the woods are nice, but I don’t have to own them to enjoy them.

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I’d take the farm with animals, so I wouldn’t have to move from where I am now.

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Definately a farm because I love animals and would rather be surrounded by them than live in elegance.

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I’m not really interested in having animals other than a few pets (cats ideally). So I would probably just sell them if I got the farm; I would rather grow cucumbers or something. :)

Ideally, I want something in-between. A sizable suburban (or sub-suburban) house with a lot of land. Out of the two choices in this question, I guess it depends on how much land the gated house has. If it’s not that much and if it’s one of those houses that looks exactly like the ones that surround it, then I’ll take the farm. I can always put in a pool; there’d be plenty of room for that.

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