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why do hotels/motels rig their TVs so you can't plug in your own DVD player?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I can understand hotels that rent out their own but what about dirt cheap motels that have rigged televisions so you can’t plug your own player in. This irks me to no end.

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so you have to pay more to rent their movies using ppview

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these places don’t even have pay per view

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If you take a clothes hangar a lot of times you can pry off the plastic hoop that protects the ports. Doesn’t make sense to me either.

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Most hotels allow you to plug in from external sources now. In particular, check out Hyatt Place – they have a full console for accessing the 42” flat screen.

Cheaper motels, not so much.

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if they don’t even have payperview, what the hell kinda places do you stay at? And why would you bring a DVD player to a hotel anyway? Seriously???

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I don’t anymore but there was a time when my partner and I werre both starving students and in the closet that that was the only place we could be and we like to watch our movies (usually movies you can’t find on TV like foreign films etc. )

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Ahhh, I can understand that, sorry if I offended you, I was just picturing people on buisness trips or on vacation staying in hotels so a DVD player seemed odd = )

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None taken Cheebdragon. Admittedly, I fall in the “strange” category. :)

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What are you expecting from a “dirt cheap” hotel?

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