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In some instances don't you just have to get into the mix when it was not your problem to begin with?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) May 16th, 2010

Is there just some instances where you should be a butinsky? If at work there was “Tony” and “Derek” who was smitten with “Tina”, which she knows and plays both against the middle as most believe they see it.. Neither one wants to listen to anything about that gal is trouble so they are working hard to get her attention. In a heated argument Derek says he had sex with Tina and attempts to rub it in Tony’s face. Tony calls Derek a trick saying he got a BJ from Tina with out having to spend as much on gifts, dinners, etc as Derek did and got it quicker. They decide they would step to the back parking lot and “have a talk” to settle the matter. After 12 to 15 minutes Tony walks through the door with a knot on his forehead and 3 minutes later in comes Derek who looks as if a bus hit him, he has a fat lip, a mouse under his eye, a bloody nose and a cut on his brow. Everyone looks at each other but no one says anything. The Super see Derek and rumor says Derek told the super he was attacked by a bee on a smoke break and tripped and fell over a pile of pipes. Derek is sent to the ER. The next day it is discovered Derek has a fractured eye socket and a broken nose. Management wants him to file a worker’s comp. Derek don’t want to but is getting pushed hard to do it do everyone’s butt is covered. Derek feels if he keeps stonewalling really negative things will come his way from upstairs. No one wants to be the leak or the rat but to keep Derek from being talked into committing fraud (because the super and such don’t know what really happened) would that be one of those times where you have to get into the mix that wasn’t your cake to bake?

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You seem to have a good plot for a soapie! If I had all of the information you do and worked there I would secretly have a word to someone in management who is understanding and explain why Derek was too embarrassed to tell the truth but is now panicking because of the pressure to file for w/comp and not wanting to commit fraud. Surely this tactic is the lesser of the two options. If Derek does commit fraud he could end up with a criminal record! As for Tina, she needs to back away from both of these blokes. Their oneupmanship seems to be more important to them than she is.

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I feel sorry for Tina. She’s being used as a prize object, the real relationship is the competition between those two guys.

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No, you should not butt in.

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Stuff like this is why I roll my eyes when guys accuse women of being drama queens and talk about how “men aren’t like that”. Such horse pucky. They don’t even see themselves.

Stay out of the kitchen, dude. Seriously.

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I have to say, “No, never” to your topic sentence. The text was too dense to read. Sorry.

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As this happened at work they both deserve to get their butts fired. What a way to behave! I feel sorry for Tina.

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If I or others who know what happened stay mute and say nothing and Derek caves and files a false worker’s comp is there any legal fall out to those who knew but said nothing? Any danger of being roped in as an accomplice after the fact or something?

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I’d talked to Derek and tell him to just fess up. It’s his place to tell the management what happened, not anyone else’s. If you don’t particularly care about Derek, then keep quiet. If you really don’t want to see him in trouble, talk to him and tell him to just fess up. Possibly losing your job over fighting beats a criminal fraud record any day.

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The only thing you should do is turn the garden hose on Tony and Derek to break up the fight, and remind them that middle school and fighting over a girl ended (you fill in the number) years ago.

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