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Is this a real word? If not what other word could I use in place of it?

Asked by tooooookl (29points) May 16th, 2010

I’m sure I’ve heard people say “Give it a bit of funaze.” or funase, not too sure how it’s spelt if it’s spelt like any of them two.

It just means to give it a bit extra. If not what other world could I use in replacement of it in this sentence?

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It sure reminds me of ‘pizzazz’

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No, that is not a real word. Alternatives may be “fizz”, or “pizzazz”.

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Oh yeah now you say it that is right.

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Variation on “finesse”?

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I thought of “finesse,” too.

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I thought it was fitness. ;-)

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A little extra can be described by “lagniappe.”

“Finesse” means intricate and refined delicacy.

“Pizzazz” is the best, implying creativity and energy.

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I thought fun-ass. “No thank you, no caviar for me. I prefer fun-ass foods like pizza.”

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Could you mean panache?

pa·nache (pə nas̸h′, -näs̸h′) (source: Your Dictionary )
1. a plume of feathers, esp. on a helmet
2. dashing elegance of manner; carefree, spirited self-confidence or style; flamboyance

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TOP 3 [in no particular order]:

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@Zen_Again Fun ass for you, finesse for me.

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Sounds Italian

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@chamelopotamus that’s ‘fugazi”

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