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What should the USA demand of BP for polluting our ocean?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) May 16th, 2010

I think off shore drilling could be done safely under strict guide lines.
I think BP should pay for their mess. Not US tax payers.
We should also being doing more research to find alternative energy sources.

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BP should pay for ALL the costs to clear up the oil spill.

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BP should pay for all of the clean up as well as something towards the fishing industries that have been closed down since this started.

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I would be extremely suprised if BP doesnt end up paying over the proposed capped $75M, but surely the US tax payers will be paying for it anyway through buying BP oil: really its a loose-loose situation for tax payers and people who use oil and a win-win situation for BP: pay the whole fine and look good (ok well better than if they didnt) or not pay the fine, save millions of dollars! either way its not like they are going to loose custom, they are still going to be making biollions in profit.

Either way they used dispersants on the oil which has been shown to hinder biological recovery on coasts. The dispersants are just adding more chemicals to the situation which makes it harder for natural strains of bacteria in the oceans to break it down. Yes the water looks better after using dispersants but a oil spill (i think) on the south coast of england a few decades ago showed that the recovery time of a cove where dispersents were used did look cleaner faster however it took alot longer to recover biologically compared to a cove where dispersants were not used.

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The Execs should be lined up, tarred, feathered, fed oil sandwiches, then shot. In the arms. Then the knees. Then gutted. Then hung. Then shot. Just to be safe.

The rest of them should be made to clean up the spill for the rest of their lives with buckets and spoons.

The company should be fined 1 million kazillion dollars.

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This is a highly emotionally charged and complicated issue. Off shore drilling is a delicate operation and done so under strict guidelines with tremendous safeguards to prevent such a disaster and had done a great job for over 40 years with nary a problem.

Guess who directs these drilling operations?? Yeppers! The Government!! So who should take the blame?? Yeppers the Government!! IMO nothing needs to really be changed. The manufacturer of one of the shutoff valves may have some culpability.

Turn in the keys to your SUV and gas mower and that will solve the problem instantly other than that, but other than that not much more can be engineered into the offshore drilling process and if could it would have.

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BP should find a way to cap the oil, bear the responsibility and cost for all cleanup, and bear any and all other costs that come about as a consequence of this disaster.

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I am happy to know most of you agree that BP must pay.
I hope Obama and Congress will insist they do.

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Apparently there is a cap:

“Current law limits oil company liability in such disasters to $75 million. But Senate Democrats, led by Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Bill Nelson of Florida, propose replacing it with a $10-billion cap and a fund to pay additional costs of such disasters.”
~Los Angeles Times

Guess how much they’ll pay if nothing changes? The fear of raising liabilities is huge increases in the price of gas since the Gulf supplies 30% of our oil. The other question is who is willing to pay 10–14 bucks for a gallon of gas to keep the pressure on oil companies? The problem when you are dependent upon a source for your energy needs is that you are beholden to those supplying it.

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$20 billion and 90 virgins.

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The executive’s daughters?

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