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Is going barefoot in public safer than most people think it is?

Asked by jack1970 (13points) May 16th, 2010

I’ve been going barefoot in public for more than 20 years and I have never injured my feet and I have never gotten any kind of disease. Doesn’t this prove that going barefoot in public is not as dangerous as most people think it is?

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depends where in the world you are. You must live in a relitively warm and clean area of the world. I live in newcastle upon tyne, England. I think for most of the year if I went outside with no shoes on I would not be able to walk after a while due to frozen feet. There is also large amounts of broken glass around with many pubs and clubs in the city centre. I have walked around town with no shoes on before when my shoes were hurting me so much I had to take them off but that was in the summer and not on a saturday morning before the streets have been sweeped post-friday night out.

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It depends on the person. A person with diabetic neuropathy or other peripheral neuropathy may be unable to feel when something cuts their feet or if they burn their feet. With the lack of feeling, it could lead to an infection that will have poor healing due to poor circulation (which makes it very dangerous).

I agree with @bongo that it also depends on where you live. I can go barefoot around here without any concern when it’s warmer out, but in the winter, my feel would freeze rather quickly.

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We have sand and pebbles everywhere here from winter road protection. I don’t think I’d worry about disease but it would hurt me.

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It probably proves you have a thick growth of calluses on your feet which can protect them from a LOT of damage. I hope you live in a warm climate.

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It think it proves that you probably could use a new pair of shoes.

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It only takes that first needle, jammed into your bare foot, that gives you AIDS that makes it unsafe.

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I do not wear shoes at home, at the beach, and many other places, but I would never drive without shoes. Also, I have gotten my feet cut from time to time on stray rocks and such.

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I wonder what the chances are to get Aids from steppin on a needle. Dont people watch where they are going?

maybe drunk guys dont.

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@jazmina88 Do you look down at every step before you take it? Unless you never step in gum or doggie doo, probably not.

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