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Strawberry Yogurt is Colored W Red Beetles. Will You Still Eat It?

Asked by Aster (18996points) May 16th, 2010

The ingredient is on the back of Yoplait strawberry and is carmine (red beetles). Other than being furious at the makers of the yogurt, will you now still eat it?

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I’ll still eat it and I won’t be furious. In times like these, the most prominent reasoning comes back up; if you only knew what went into your everyday food.

With that said I don’t really care, and I’ve knowingly and willingly eaten nasty things before, whether the ingredients were normal or worse than what’s in cigarettes. Little ol me makes big tough bikers at the buffet look like pansies by gobbling up nautilus and fried queen ants.

The only thing that would piss me off is if I’m expecting actual fruit, and I’m getting bugs instead. But in that respect at least they have the courtesy to tell you what’s inside.

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I’ve been aware of this fact for about 15 years and yes, I still eat foods colored with ground beetle shells. Many food and cosmetic items are colored with carmine or cochineal, both of which are derived from beetle shells. It’s a dye that’s been used for hundreds of years.

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t bother me. Now, finding out that peanut butter and other food products are allowed a certain percentage of non-food impurities like insects, pieces of hull, rodent hairs, and whatever else.. I find that pretty gross.

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Yes.Strawberry fields foreverrrrrr….;)

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Here’s a picture of it in action:

Makes it seem kind of traditional and all-natural. :)

Personally, I don’t really like strawberry yogurt that much. I prefer peach or Boston creme pie. And no, this wouldn’t bother me. I’m not going to notice it, so who cares?

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Yeah of course.I shall name them Herbie henceforth.

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I don’t like most yogurts and strawberry least, so wouldn’t eat it. Why not be natural and let the strawbery color be the color? I’d prefer that.

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Why would I be furious at them?
You know what yogurt is, right? If you’re cool with consuming fermented milk, you should be alright with minor amounts (In my Strawberry Banana yogurt cup, it was the very last ingredient on the list) of an acid from scales of a bug.

I prefer standard French Vanilla anyway, but I will continue too eat strawberry banana every once in a while, regardless of the carmine content.

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I won’t touch anything that says “strawberry” on the label. I can’t stand them.

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Oh. I didn’t know they only use the shells. I thought they tossed the entire beetle in there. How do they separate the shells from the flesh of millions of beetles?
Sounds suspicious.

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Yes I would eat it and I wouldn’t be furious. If you think about many of the things that we eat on a regular basis, it’s all pretty gross. For example, has anyone here ever tried haggis?

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Actually, I can’t stand yogurt. I don’t mind Greek yogurt as an ingredient, but I don’t understand how anyone just sits down and eats a cup of fermented milk with added bacteria.

The beetle thing, meh. Haven’t you ever eaten a chocolate covered grasshopper?

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@Seek_Kolinahr no I have eaten a fried grasshopper once though.So why would I not eat yougurt.People eat worms and bacteria in other things.So whats the problem with beatle shells?I don’t eat yogurt that much anymore but if I had to I would eat it.

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@Leanne1986 I have had haggis often, and I love it.

I don’t get the beetle thing though. Why should we be upset about beetles when we eat cows and chickens and other animals on a weekly or daily basis (aside from the small minority who are strictly vegetarian).

I can understand a strict vegetarian being upset if they are misled into thinking that the colouring in the yogurt was all artificial and therefore safe for a vegetarian diet, and then being shocked to find that wasn’t the case. But for everyone else, why worry?

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@downtide That’s my point. Plenty of us eat and enjoy things that, if we were to think too much about it, are actually quite gross. Haggis was an example of that but I also agree with you about the animals we eat.

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