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For those jellies who are (present or former) bloggers, how does your Fluther voice compare to and differ from your blogging voice?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) May 16th, 2010

There seems to be similarities and differences between Q&A’s found on blogs and Fluther, especially from those who write consistently.

If you’ve ever written/maintained a blog on a regular basis, do you notice any similarities and/or differences between how you communicate on Fluther? If so, what?

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My entries on Fluther are shorter and are not written like essays (with a theme).

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My blogging voice is hysterically funny and on Fluther, well, not so much. . .

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I’m the same person.

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My Fluther voice is deeper.

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(I’d love to see some examples from the jellies)

I’d like to think mine is pretty consistent; though I do notice that—because my blog is bilingual, there are certain things that I prefer to write in Chinese.

Because I am more versatile in English, I think my Chinese tends to be more earnest, direct, and cuts to the core of things. However, since it takes me at least three times as long to write in Chinese, sometimes there are things that just need to come out, now.

I also edit my entries in the blog. I mean, I usually let a journal entry sit in draft form overnight and proof-read it in the morning; as I can’t tell if it’s any good in the heat of the moment. And even after I publish it, I might go back and fiddle with a turn of phrase. Whereas on fluther you can’t really edit it after a certain point, so I just have to let it be.

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My Fluther voice is strangely similar to Alpha’s from the movie Up! My blog voice is identical to Clark Gable’s.

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I write extensively about my daily life in my blogs. On Fluther, I limit myself to answering the questions.

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I think my writing ‘voice’ is pretty similar, but of course I could be wrong. For all I know, I’m an utter bore! There’s a link to my writing blog on my profile page… check it out if you like, and maybe you can tell me. :)

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I Fluther naked.

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Don’t we all Fluther naked? The real question is do you blog naked?

On a related point, I would totally wear a shirt that said “Blog Naked”... or “Fluther Naked” for that matter. It would certainly earn some double-takes.

Oh… and I’m funnier on my blog. I get to use pictures. How much better would it have been if I had a picture of somebody blogging naked to spice up that punchline?

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