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What would you do with a three week vacation - if you had the cash to do anything?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) May 16th, 2010

Self explanatory.

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I would rent a cottage in a village in the Dordogne region of France and hike, paint, read and eat to my heart’s content.

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Omg, omg, omg – I’m booking a flight today for a two week vacation. I haven’t taken an actual vacation in about 7 years, so I’m incredibly excited. I’ll be going to Michigan to see a friend and then to Georgia to see another friend and then back home. I’m not quite sure what we’ll be doing and I don’t really care. I’m just super happy to be able to get away and relax. These past several years I’ve done some traveling to places like Vegas, Washington state, Arizona and up and down the coast of California, but it’s either been all business or to visit my parents, so this is way different.

But for my next trip, I’d like to go somewhere tropical and relax on the beach. I’ve only been to the beach once in 3 years. :/

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Greek islands- Santorini as a base, maybe a cliff house- and the explore some of the others. \my daughter is in Naxos right now.

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Africa. I’d love to go see some of the charismatic megafauna while they still exist in a (relatively) wild state.

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I’d take a trip to Italy with my husband, spending each week in a different part of the country. We’d just eat and drink our way around, and make sure to see all the great works of art we possibly can.

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I would do what my son is doing in a few weeks and visit Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. Three weeks in a cabin on the south shore of Lake Superior would be nice too, but I’ve already been there and would love to visit someplace new.

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I would jump in a 1932 Cord and drive down to the Outer Banks,NC and stop wherever my heart desires…I’ll start with the beach…with a sketch pad…and a cold wheat beer…new black bikini…the pool boy named,“C’mere” ..ahhhhh:)))

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I would go to Fiji.

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I would rent a beach house with a 72 foot yacht anchored off shore in Roatan Honduras and invite the twin blond stewardesses on the flight to join me. One to shake the martini shaker and the other to put olives on the tooth picks. No phones or internet needed!

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i’d go with you guys, but add a mountain trip….rockies, I guess.

Greece, fiji, Africa, Honduras…..NC, and that pool boy named C’Mere, France

let’s go.

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Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron and Alyssa Milano.

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I’m going to the Trois Rivieres music festival in Quebec with my niece in June.

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Visit as many active volcanoes as I can.

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@Draconess25 But then you’d get stuck in a city near an active volcano for the remaining 2 weeks and 6 days.

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@Fred931 Well, I like volcanoes. Maybe it would erupt!

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@Draconess25 Yes, and then, after it erupted, you wouldn’t be able to fly to any more because of the big ash cloud that formed because of the eruption.

Well, actually, you could just drive or take a boat…

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No more volcanoes please. Just 2–3 could shut down the world.

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@SeventhSense B-b-but….they’re pretty!

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@Draconess25 It’s a bit difficult to get to Iceland right now, but Hawaii has some nice active ones without all the ash. The lava flows are neat looking, too.

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Yes but so are the girls I mentioned,
maybe do a little explosion myself. Ok I’ll calm down :)~

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@Draconess25 I’ve seen the Hawaiian ones, they are exciting. I really hope you get to see them.Ever thought of studying vulcanology?

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SeekKohlinar might be my go to gal on that topic.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Actually, yeah. But Ellie & Rachel would go berserk!

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@SeventhSense ROFLMAO

@Draconess25 It’s a fascinating career field, why would they be upset? It’s relatively safe, too.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Going that close to volacanoes.

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And you get to fight Klingons

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Draconess25 As a vulcanologist, you’d be able to assess the dangers. Those things give some warning before belching.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Yeah, but they don’t know that! And they wouldn’t believe me….

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@Draconess25 It’s nice to know that you have two ladies that care for you so much. You could try seismology, you get to play with explosives at least.~

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I thought of that, too. But would there be more math?

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And Klingons belch loud.

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@Draconess25 Yes, math’s a bitch, ain’t it? It’s mostly a matter of finding the right teacher who can explain things in a way you can understand. Most good careers require some math, at least in school for the degree.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m glad that Rachel & Ellie are both great at math. Unfortunately, they’re horrible teachers!

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I’d take my boyfriend and I out to Japan for all of those three weeks. It’d be rather lovely.

Though I would happily settle for a Florida vacation!

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@Draconess25 Give me a try, I’ve tutored math over the internet before.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I have difficulties doing basic 3rd grade math.

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I would tour Europe, with a several days in Sweden to visit my son, and take a side trip to Egypt to see the pyramids and visit the Cairo museum.

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Greece, Italy, Prague, Spain, and Japan. Spend a few days in each, just taking pictures like crazy and getting lost on purpose.

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@Draconess25 I can help you with that, too. Concepts and knowing what to memorize.

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