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What are the moral implications of having Oral Herpes?

Asked by Zajvhal (314points) May 16th, 2010

Do you feel it is necessary for someone with oral herpes to tell another person before they kiss? Before they have sex? I think most people agree it is morally necessary to divulge if they have genital herpes, but the virus can easily be spread to either location…what’s your opinion?

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It’s honestly so common & spreadable that they’d probably get it from someone else later on. So what’s the point? It’d be quite a turn off.

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@Draconess25 well..i generally agree..but then why is the rule different for genital herpes? It’s the same virus…

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I get coldsores every so often (a couple of times a year maybe) and my boyfriend has always been aware of this. It’s very simple, we just don’t kiss on the lips when I have one at least we try not to, there has been the odd occassion in the four years we have been together when we have an thankfully he has never caught a coldsore so far. We were friends before we got together so he was already aware that I was prone to getting them.

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I think the viruses are a little different- something I read years ago. I’ll go google.

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Moral implications??
Common decency.
Just decline/avoid kisses until you feel comfortable enough to explain.

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@Zajvhal Because privey parts are….well….privey parts! You can hide cold sores with make-up!

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I just find it interesting that no one I have EVER kissed has ever said anything about it..and I know at least some of these people had the virus…and apparently the medical community is quite convinced that giving oral sex if you have oral herpes can transfer the virus to the genitals (even when there’s no symptoms)...but that does not seem to be the common lay persons belief..or awareness.

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@Zajvhal It is very likely they did not know they had it. One can be contagious long before diagnosis and it is not the first thing that comes to mind when one has a cancre sore. I have one now . . .

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I think canker sores and cold sores are different…I’m pretty sure canker sores occur in the mouth and are not caused by herpes…i gotta go google it now….

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@Zajvhal I can’t seem to find a straight answer on whether or not oral herpes can be passed to the genitals. Most of what I have read says that oral and genital herpes are different and it is unlikely that oral herpes can cause genital herpes. However, if I have a coldsore then I don’t go down there just in case.

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Do you feel it is necessary for someone with oral herpes to tell another person before they kiss? Yes. Before they have sex? Yes.

Not telling me takes away my freedom to choose whether I’m okay with the risks associated with such activities. Maybe I would be, maybe I wouldn’t. It depends on the person. I just would like a say in the matter and I think people who have communicable illnesses have the moral obligation to inform people, so others are informed and able to take precautions, at the very least.

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This has been discussed at length before. So as to not rehash many things, I’ll link you to some relevant discussions here and here. In short, either virus HSV-1 or HSV-2 can occur in the mouth or the genitals.

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I think we have a responsibility to not pass along any kind of virus or illness we may have.

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Yes they should tell before kissing.

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