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Should I be concerned that a helicopter has been circling over my apartment complex for 10 minutes now?

Asked by iSteve (1154points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

It’s sure annoying, I know that!!!

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I was in Oahu a couple summers ago, staying with a friend of mine in Manoa. We kept hearing this helicopter flying around the mountain above us for 20 minutes or so. Then we saw more. We thought Pearl Harbor was having training or something, but no. There was a triple homicide just about a block away from us, and they were looking for the fugitive. Just saying, is all.

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You should only worry if you’re on the run from the authorities. Im gonna assume you’re not so you should be OK.

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The darn thing is still there! There’s a couple of Jack Russells barking at it but it’s not taking the hint!!! Going INside now…

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stay indoors iSteve… and keep your vehicle anddoors locked. Ya never know with people on the run! Remember the lady who was held hostage in Atlanta by the escapee who killed at least 3 people to avoid a court hearing/trial?

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You’ve been huffing too much paint, Stevie.

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turn your growlights off they can see them with infrared and will get a search warrant

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Nevermind… They’re all gone now.

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I live near a small airport and one always circles my complex.

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Yeah, but they were there for a while! Cooool.

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Jack Russells, please! Now if one of my Labs was barking in anger, the copter would have heard him and been concerned. I am going along with the cops looking for someone thinking.

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