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If there was a politically correct pageant how would the results NOT be the same and predictable?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) May 16th, 2010

Tonight is the Miss America pageant and it always sparks the local debate and brigs out the “I hate pageants” crowd. If there were ever to be a politically correct pageant where women of all shapes sides and ages were able to enter it wouldn’t the results end 99.8% as predicted, or as they have? It is nice to think that some mid-30something mom of 2 in a size 12 to 14 would win but seriously, who would take a line bet she would win if you were in Vegas? When the fat hits the skillet some young lithe thing in a size 7 to 0 will end up the winner 98.8% of the time so why get pissed off about it? It is just the way things are. Some hot rod a guy pits together in his garage will never win a NASCAR race –unless everyone else crashed leaving him the sole entrant and the young pretty gals will win a pageant—unless all the have a 3 Mile Island type meltdown.

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A politcally correct pageant is an oxymoron. Beauty pageants are not politically correct. When we have men’s pageants, then it will be balanced out.

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As predicted, the 23 year old size 4 would win. We have a certain concept of beauty that has been honed by millions of years of evolution, 200 years of culture, 20 years of TV and 5 years of internet porn. (As proof think about where all our body hair went. Does anyone in their 20’s allow it to grow.)
Yes, I know full figured women are beautiful. Full figured men are too. But really, look at the covers of men’s and women’s magazines. There are pictures of small women on the covers and the women’s magazines all have articles telling how to drop 2–3 dress sizes in three weeks.
Then there are the cosmetics touting that they make you look years younger. Unless you are 16, nobody wants to look older. 21–27 seems to be the range we like. Is that peak fertility?
PC or not, the thin 23 year old will win. Even if she can’t play the piano or juggle flaming chainsaws.

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@marinelife Mr. Universe et al contests?

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I see a gorgeous 24 year old won. Surprise.

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@worriedguy Evolution did develop the attraction to young women; it’s linked to fertility and reproduction. That’s not to say that every man salivates and acts stupidly around every pretty, young girl who walks by, but the attraction can’t be denied. Just ask any woman who’s past her ingenue years and suddenly feels invisible.

Interestingly, the standards for “gorgeous” do change. Consider Marilyn Monroe, who was stunningly beautiful. During the severe food shortages and rationing of World War II, a fuller, fleshier body became the standard of beauty. In our times of excess food and rampant obesity, a slender, fit body has become desirable. Today, Marilyn Monroe would be considered “chubby” and in need of a diet and excerise regimen.

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@Primobabe Norma Jean the woman created by talented team of makeup artist like Oprah has, seen with out all that war paint on she was quite ordinary at least by the book of her life I have of her; or the photographers where just piss poor.

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