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Do you believe that society is becoming addicted to electronic devices and the internet?

Asked by Guy123123 (302points) May 16th, 2010

Also social networking cites

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I really do get the feeling that I’m being forced to use or made to feel like I have to use certain technologies. Blu-ray’s are currently driving me nuts because there’s always that preview at the beginning of movies I rent. My tv is about 10 years old, I can’t tell the difference. The one I can’t understand right now is 3D tv. Is it 3D all the time or only when you watch 3D movies?

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It seems that much of the younger generation is, although this is empirical. I can’t cite any sources. (sites.)

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Addiction is not the same as wide adaptation. People use it because it is useful.

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Yes. the internets main beginning purpose was to inform you and i. the internet has gone far beyond those intentions, because of porn, cyberspace criminals and email communications.

Email communications? predators and people doing what they normally would not do, if the internet were not readily available. many a divorce has occured, because of people communicating with people that they should not be. i think you know what i mean.

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Yes. It’s sad.

This handwritten message on parchment was sent by carrier pigeon.

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I don’t think we are becoming addicted to our electronic devices, but we are more reliant on them not. People use the internet and e-mail for handling their bills and writing letters instead of using paper and pen. It all depends on the person and their situation. I feel like there are times I am glued to my phone and my laptop, but that is because they are my modes of communication with my husband while he’s deployed. When he is home, I’m not online as much and not glued to my phone as often.

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The internet was first developed by the military for their use, I believe. I am doing this from memory, but I am sure it was not to inform you and me, the average guys.

Well, I did verify. Here’s one of many sources.

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What Dpworkin said. This is like saying we are addicted to cars just because they are widespread.

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No, not at all. I can give it up any time I wa

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I do understand the difference between wide adaptation and addiction. You make a good point, dpworkin.
Just imagine what would happen if all the electronics in the world stopped working, what would that reaction be like? I live in the boonies and when the internet goes down, that’s how I know it’s an addiction. :) That’s just my view, I guess.

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