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Would anyone care to join me in congratulating robmandu on the birth of his new son?

Asked by breedmitch (12131points) May 16th, 2010

Jellies, please join me in raising a glass to our very valued robmandu, who as of today counts three little jellies in his brood.

Baby boy. Name forth coming. (I hear they’re tossing bendrew around…) 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Bonus points for describing what you’re drinking in his honor. (that’s just for me…)

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I raise a toast to the newest member of your family. May he grow up to be a happy, smart, and caring man.

my fluid of choice for the toast is water

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Congrats Daddio!! Way to go! Give a kiss and hug to mommy for a job well done!!

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Oh, Mazel Tov! What lovely news!

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Congratulations on your baby boy!! May he grow up to be a wonderful man!

My drink of choice tonight is Strawberry Kiwi Sobe Lifewater.

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Awesome!! Robmandu is awesome which means his new baby jelly is the bee’s knees! Congrats!!

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Tante` auguri! I’m having a Barq’s diet root beer. Cheers!

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Mazel Tov! L’Chaim!

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Aw, congratulations! :)

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Congrats on the little one Robmandu! :)

taking a sip from a Pomegranate Raspberry Bartles & Jaymes as I speak type

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Congrats, Robmandu! Here’s to sleeping as well as you can under the circumstances. Cheers!

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Congratulations Robmandu!! Lets hope he leaves you enough time for a little Fluthering.

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Well done! There’s nothing that comes close to having kids, except perhaps making them. Congratulations!

I’ll be thinking of you at three in the morning. Oh no I won’t. I’ll be sleeping! J/k.

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A hearty congratulations to you and a blessing for a long and healthy life for your boy. And to the woman went through the labor I raise a glass.

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CONGRATS ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are awesome, so baby #3 is going to be awesome as well.
Start training him for marathons now.
My drink of choice is really a pipe and some.. plant.

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um…drinks, or no bonus points
I hear rob likes craft brews

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But that’s illegal for me!

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Congratulations on the new arrival!

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Congrats!!! I am so happy for you all!

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Raising a glass of Mondavi Cabernet in the new Jellies honor.

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Congrats, Rob! Your family just got a little more awesome. I’ll have a Rolling Rock in the little one’s honor. :)

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Congratulations to you and Mrs. ‘Mandu on babymandu!

I am currently drinking a glass of wine I found on my kitchen couner.

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Congrats!! You are my favorite conservative and I hope your kids follow in your footsteps.

And I’m pretty sure I was meant to marry niki. Random wine from the counter, that is how I roll.

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EEeeeeeeee! Bayyyy-beee! Yay!

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How wonderful for you and your wife.

May he grow up healthy and happy.

Raising a glass of Vitamin Water Energy.

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YEEHAW!!!!! let the all nite parties begin!!!!

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Hey, the more mandus the better!

Mazel Tov, @robmandu and family!

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Congratulations on the new baby!

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Wonderful. <3 Congrats Rob! :)

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Absolutely!! Much congratulations Mr. Mandu.

Be sure to let us know what ya name babymandu, please.

And I’m sipping water at the moment.

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Yay, congratulations!

I really cannot wait to hear the name!!

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May he be as Robmannish as his dad. Well done and congratulations.

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That’s terrific news! Many congratulations @robmandu! Please post pics!

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Yikes! Never saw this thread. Must be the sleep deprivation. My apologies to all!

Baby’s name is Cruze. 7lb, 12oz, and 20.5in. After 12 days, he had gained 1 more pound and another inch.

Mommy, bro, and sis are all well and happy.

I’ve been off work for nearly 3 weeks and practically off the web for most of that. Will resume normal activity when I’m back to work. ;-D

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Cruzemandu. I like it! ;)

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Do they call you Dadmandu?

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Do you have a pussy named Catmandu?

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@janbb: Sounds like something for the Fluther porn movie.

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@cprevite We have to get together for some screenwriting.

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Congrats again! I meant to message you back earlier..been busy with the little ones, I know you know how that is! lol

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A belated congratulations! Such wonderful news! At the rate little ‘Mandu is growing, he may be running his first marathon by the time you read this!

Drinking some Smart Water…will pass him a bottle as he runs by.

Awesome name, by the way.

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And for the pics, I’ve got a couple on my tumblog, specifically here and here.

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@robmandu He is such a cutie!! Congratulations again!

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@robmandu: In picture number 2, at two weeks old, Cruze looks as though he is either resolving Fermat’s last theorem or inventing the unified field theory. Like his dad, there’s a big brain inside that adorable head.

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@robmandu: Yay! Cute baby pics!! I can’t get enough.

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he is soo cute!!

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@robmandu: Thanks so much for the pics. He looks like an old sole. What a special baby.

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edit: “soul” not “sole”.

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@cprevite I did think that was a strange compliment.

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@janbb: That’s what I get for putting my foot in my mouth.

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@cprevite ROFL!! A scrunched up baby face came to mind immediately! Loved the typo! Next time you could say “He looks like an old Seoul!

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Re the second picture….he’s really a lert, isn’t he??! Wow….

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Oh Happpy, Happy to Littlemandu!

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How adorable ! ! !

And somebody is also a more than decent photographer !

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So. Freaking. CUTE!

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@robmandu – D’aaaawww! Who’s a little cutie patootie!

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@robmandu he looks just like you! such a cutie!

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Where’s the hat?

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What a great grin!!

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