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What is the name of the King of the Hill Episode where Hank runs away from John Redcorn?

Asked by chelle21689 (7501points) May 16th, 2010

I’ve been dying to find this episode. I think it’s when Bobby embraces Native American life and when John Redcorn wants his son Joseph back. There’s this scene I thought was hilarious…it’s when Redcorn starts crying in the car and Hank runs away. Somebody help me.

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Here is a list.

It is rather long so I will let you find it.

edit :: I think I found it.

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Oh was that the “cannibal” episode. It was horrible. I mean the rest was fine (and funny) but being Native I thought the cannibal part was awful.

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That would be the Season 5 episode “Spin the Choice”.

You’re lucky I just watched it online a couple weeks ago. :)

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THANK YOU DOMINIC!!!!!! I saw the Youtube clip but that doesn’t tell me the name, and the list was so long to look at.

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im rofling just at the name “john redcorn”...that show is dynamite

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