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How long does it take for a cats leg to heal from a sprain?

Asked by COBx666 (105points) May 16th, 2010

My cat fell and hurt her leg. She has been limping but shows major signs of improvement. I was wondering how long it may take for full recovery? Also, ever since she fell, she has not been using her litter box and even though she can climb inside the box, she refuses to use it. Is there a reason why she is not doing this and would the reason be related to her injury?

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Did you take her to the vet after she injured her leg?

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No because my sister does not have the money to bring her into the vet and my sister is studying animals and said it wasnt broken, she didnt wanna take her in to pay a vet to say yeah ts sprained and then have them do nothing for her

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How can you possibly know if it’s just a sprain or a break?

If she’s not using the litterbox, there is definitely something seriously wrong.

Cats are fastidiously clean animals by nature. Failing to use the litter box is a clear signal that you need to take her to the vet. Please do this immediately for the sake of your kitty. You are responsible for her health and well being and she can’t tell you how bad this is for her.

Not using her litterbox is an important signal for you to see a vet asap.

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its not broken because she can walk

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Does your sister have an X-Ray machine?

How could she possibly know for certain?

Does the cat belong to you or her or both?

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The cat belongs to her, and it isnt broken because she wouldnt being able to move it or walk on it for that matter, it is healed to the point were she just has a slight limp.

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Well if you had confidence that your sister has all the answers then it’s unlikely you’d be concerned enough to ask us here.

If she is studying animals (not sure exactly what that means) then she should know that the FIRST step in solving litterbox issues is a thorough examination by a vet to rule out any physical problems.

The box issue could be related to the leg or be caused by another totally unrelated problem. The only way to know is to rule out physical causes such as kidney or urinary tract problems. That’s what vets are for.

If she doesn’t know that the first step in dealing with litterbox problems is a thorough vet exam then she sure hasn’t learned very much at all.

That’s basic Cats 101.

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The cat doesnt piss on the floor. She can go in the litterbox when she has to piss just fine, if I was THAT concerned I would take her to a vet. If you think that asking a question on here shows that I am deeply concerned you are wrong. I asked because I wanted to know. studying animals means she is taking animal sciences in college. I dont think taking the cat to a vet because she doesnt want to shit in the litterbox is the answer

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And I’m not a vet, but I know enough to realize that it is entirely possible for a leg to have a minor fracture and the cat still be able to walk.

There are all different types of fractures. A major fracture No. A minor fracture Entirely Possible.

I hate to disillusion you BUT your sister doesn’t know quite as much as she THINKS she does.

But I have a feeling I’m wasting my time with this since it’s not your cat.

People who are too cheap to get proper medical care for them, don’t deserve to have pets. Period.

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Its nt that we are cheap. Its that we dont have the money. If t=it was a fracture I think the cat would be bitching about it hurting, and not wanting to jump up on beds. I think that if I take it to the vet id be wasting my time and money.

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If one does not have the money to properly care for pets, they shouldn’t get pets.

Did it ever occur to either of you that it requires a lot more pressure for a cat to poop than to pee?

Maybe being unable to do that in a small confined space due to the pain IS your cats version
of “bitching about it” ?

Good grief.

I’m done with this. You asked a question. I answered it. You chose to dislike that answer. I’m not going to change it.

The end.

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It takes at least 2 month. If your cat doesn’t want to use the litterbox, something is very, very wrong. You need to take her to the vet ASAP.

My cat broke her foot a few months back. It seemed sprained, she wasn’t biting or mean, she just wasn’t eating or drinking much, didn’t want to go to the bathroom, and just curled up under the bed and wouldn’t move. She just had a limp. They couldn’t tell anything was broken until they took an x-ray, before that they just thought it was a sprain.

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I broke my foot/ankle and walked on it for 6 months not knowing it was broken. Just because the cat can walk or get on a bed doesn’t mean that it isn’t injured beyond a sprain. Your sister may be right, but for the cat’s sake, what if she is wrong?

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@COBx666: My x-ray vision tells me that the cat may have a hairline fracture and should be taken to the vet’s.

What do you want us to say? Do you think that the people here give you thoughtful answers based on their experience of owning cats just to amuse themselves?

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I want you to say whatever you want. I just didnt want someone giving me a hard time because I couldnt afford to take my cat to the vet.

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Glibness does not help your cat, I am sad to say. When you mention that your sister is studying animals, is she in Veterinary School? Could one of her teachers be able to diagnose the cat?

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Took the cat to the vet.
300$ Just to find out it was a sprain.
Does that make everyone feel better?

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Milo here: The one who matters is the cat. I’m glad you’re not my owner.

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Im glad you`re not my cat.

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please don’t rag on pet owners who don’t have enough money to take their cat to a vet. Pets in north america have it better than children in africa- who don’t even have clean drinking water.
cats are overpopulated, b/c theyre not being spayed or neutured (which yes falls on the owner’s responsibility) but my point is… if you take one cat in to your home, give it food and water and love… that’s a lucky cat. Thousands and thousands of cats are put down, and robbed of a life.
Anyways… i hope your cat isn’t in pain… that’s important, you don’t want your cat to suffer.

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wow ..just found the site ..i was gonna ask a question ..but im kind of scares to have a answer ..please dont mind my spelling im french…im gonna ask it anyways…my cat came in from out side i think he sprain his back leg ..he is limping a little ..i wont to take him to the vet but its one in the morning here and i called the emergency line….NO ONE called me back i took shadow and lade him on his bed whit a little blanket between his legs and put a nother one over him just for him to feel a little better ,,,ohh wen i tryed to touch it it hert a bit i check on you tube for some king of help ..i mooved it a little but not to much ..i really did not wont to hert him more a health care worker so i no a little about a medical stuff but far wase from being a vet ..bottom line i just wont to no if there anything else i can do till a see the vet in the am…and if there anything i can do to take the pain away a little ..right now he is sleeping all wrap up in his blankets…im just verry scared ..everything i seen so far was pretty scary .. pls help a little thx

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just keep it as still and watch it. if it’s limping a little just watch it. the main thing is if it wants to be active that’s a good sign, don’t touch, rub, squeeze or otherwise manipulate the leg. if the cat is outside, there could be a chance it’s been in a fight and may be limping if it’s been bitten and the bite is getting infected. you need to look closely at the leg to see if you notice any swelling or a place that looks like a bite. if the wound is not kept open it can get infected and abcess, if it is a bite, you will need antibiotics. do not give the cat tylenol or any people medication. hope it gets better and it’s not as bad as you think

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our 9 moth old cat hurt her rear paw jumping and missed she is limping but is putting weight on it just not the heal she is eating and drinking and using litter box just fine but resting more then usual vet said it sounds like a sprain and give it till monday to see if she is all better because he cant really fit her in till then and if she goes in as an emergency he has to bill me 1200 even if it is only a sprain what can i do to make her feel better in the mean time

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My God, some of you sure are quick to judge. I think a animal that is in someones home getting proper food and water. and not on the street or about to get put down at the animal shelter is a lucky animal! Alot of people dont have hundreds of dollars to take their animal to the vet, i for one dont, so should i just take my cats that showed up at my doorstep to the pound because i cant afford $$$ for the vet?

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This question interests me (the result of googling led me here) my adopted 14 yr old cat began limping, there was no sign of injury as I checked her back right leg..her foot seemed to be the cause as it was bent over and warm to the touch. The vet had no idea what it could be and hesitant to examine her as she growled, hissed and showed her claws but he managed to give her antibiotic jab and pain relief with oral suspension for home to see how it went. With no improvement I arranged for an x-Ray following this when we got home she hobbled out of her carry basket and was lamer than before. I continued with the pain killers and fed her wherever she sat to keep her rested and off her feet. She didn’t use her litter tray, rather soiling on the surrounding newspapers?
She has now taken to hiding and comes out only when she has to! No more sitting on my lap or playing with her toys. Tomorrow we go back to the vet. I’m told she may need to see a specialist?? The costs are tremendous but ‘she’ is priceless and I will do all I can in her best interests. But, dismayed in this vet as I considered these GP’s superior doctors than GP’s for humans!! He asked my opinion on the Xray..‘could I see a hairline fracture’? Without side by side images right and left leg…nothing to compare..I’m not a vet.
Perhaps a lame leg/ foot/ is out of their scope and an animal consultant would be the only person to identify what the problem is. I feel disillusioned ~ tomorrow I’ll see and post when I can :) Good luck to you and your cat I hope you receive an answer to your question (a vet may not be sure!) :)

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@luvlucy: Welcome to fluther. Keep us posted about your cat, but do note that the original poster asked his/her question in May of 2010. Perhaps ask your own query about your cat’s possible hairline fracture. There are many smart cat owners here plus our resident animal expert, @syz.

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“paid $300 to find out it was a sprain, does that make everyone feel better?” .. WHAT.THE.FUCK. I just took my kitten to the vet an hour ago because he is limping and crying, I would happily pay $300 to find out it is JUST a sprain because at least that means he is okay. You are some twisted selfish idiot who should NOT own an animal. Any no I’m not made of money, I’m renting with my partner and we’re only 23 years old with minimum wage jobs. We understood getting 2 cats meant we would need to pay for their medical needs and having to scavange money to do that is my pleasure because I love my cats like they are my children. I hate people who get pets and think of them as accessories or property. If you can’t take your pet to the vet than don’t buy one. Have a heart.

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