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Who's your fluddy?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) May 17th, 2010

Your fluddy – Fluther buddy – your go-to jelly – the one you always check up on, look for her quips and questions. Who do you lurve?

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Definitely @lucillelucillelucille.

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Allie, Nikipedia, and Dog. Pretty sure that I would be dead or my cat would be dead from a fire without them.

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I don’t really have one yet. I’m still getting a feel for where people stand on things and how they answer questions.

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@Seaofclouds We can be temp-fluddies til you find yours.


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@Zen_Again Okay! Thanks.

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My main jokester companions are @Draconess25 and @Symbeline. We have fun knocking over trash cans and spraying graffiti around here.

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I always look for what Fyrius, Rarebear and dpworkin have to say.

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As I’ve mentioned to you before @Zen_Again, I’m always fond of your questions.

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I’m just friends with anyone I haven’t not liked.

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I have a list… A very long list :)

A few names, if you insist:

Ducky, of course :P
Sarcasm and Mike (Whenever I need someone to give me sarcastic answers) :P
Astrochuck used to have funny, atheism-themed answers that were fun to see

Gah, too many people! I think I would say almost half the people in my fluther are people I look to for advice and guidance. Even though you don’t know it, fluther saved me big time, and it is all thanks to the awesome members :)

You are all my Fluddys :D

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I lurve just about everyone, but there are a few that I keep in contact with more than others. jjmah, chyna, jbfletcherfan, jeffsfacilities, supermouse, tinyfaery, janbb, cprevite (when he’s around).......I wasn’t going to answer because I know I’m leaving someone out!

Augustlan and Dog are always so helpful when I have a problem here, and I miss my chats with Cak, bythebay and TheCompassionate.

and I love getting those sweet messages from Rangerr and talking football with chels :D

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Since @wundayatta has disappeared I look up @janbb. I also like to check in on CW, and when I want to have some verbal sparring I look for @ucme.

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I’ve always been fond of reading marinelife’s answers and comments because they’re always interesting and/or meaningful and/or intellectual and/or helpful.

I’d be remiss also if I didn’t mention that there are many, many others too that I commune with here and read answers and comments from on a fairly regular basis. Probably just too many to list here in this answer.

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Oh, its impossible to pick just one. Can’t do it. Can’t leave anybody out.

But for Qs it’s a tie between you and Wundayatta. You two come up with the most interesting queries.

Has W. left ? Or just taking some R & R?

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Oh god where do I even begin. I consider everyone I talk to on here a “Fluddy”..

However Lefteh, Allie, andrew, PnL, Augustlan, IBERnineD, Dr_C, tragiclikebowie, Sarcasm, J0E, cyndihugs, EmpressPixie, markyy, SuperMouse, Dog and shrubbery are the ones I always enjoy talking to and seeing questions/answers from.
Arp is like my little brother.

Oh and jonsblond is my Broncos lady <3 They better kick ass this season!!! Woooot!

I seriously pretty much love everyone but.. these are the people who are always there when I need them <3.

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Oh shit. I forgot RichardHenry. He’s my favorite. Sorry guys.

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@chels- You mean favourite.

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@chels is playing favourites. Zheesh! (Gotta love them limeys, don’t we?)

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@AstroChuck Oh right! I forgot. Favourite.
@janbb Sorry I can’t help myself. They’re just so damn cute, ya know?

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They know who they are. ;-)

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@toomuchcoffee911 and @Buttonstc Thanks! It’s an honour to be mentioned in the same breath as daloon/wundayata or however he spells it now. Where is the big guy?

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Your mom.

No, wait, @Vunessuh is too young to be your mom, isn’t she? Yeah… so, yeah, it’s @Vunessuh XD

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So many, I’ll name a few, but there are many, many that I love: WTF, first and foremost, Supermouse, Jonsblonde, Blondsjon (although he hasn’t been on much lately), Loser, Gailcalled, Dog, Augustlan, ChazMaz, Wundayatta, Seventhsense and Cprevite just to name a few. Oh, and JBFletcher. Oh and Astrochuck. See, it never stops. I love all of them.
edited to add: jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities. How could I forget him?

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I keep an eye on Vunessuh, BoBo1946, Cruiser, lucillelucillelucille, DominicX and ChaxMaz.

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This user.
I look forward to seeing responses of almost every one of the chat regulars.

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Liminal, for sure and I generally check in with katawagrey, jeruba and jleslie…other times it’ll be likeradar and adirondackwannabe and stranger in a strange land and jahnb…

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I hate these questions. It’s nothing short of a popularity contest and someone will probably be hurt because of it.

My fluddies know who they are.

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@tinyfaery That was the nicest thing to say. I always know I’m forgetting someone, I think I’ll take your stance from now on.

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@Dog is at the top of my list.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land We also enjoying setting random fires. :D

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I don’t have a Fluddy and now I want one :(

Seriously, there are certain people that I really enjoy their input, @RedPowerLady, @janbb, @chels, @rangerr, @Simone_De_Beauvoir, @tinyfaery, and @Dominicx are examples but there are many more.

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Well, of course I’m obliged to say @augustlan… :P

But other people who I really enjoy talking to/reading their quips are @chels (she’s so nice ♥), @jonsblond, @astrochuck, @DominicX, @richardhenry, @tinyfaery, and @Supermouse. (:

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@Leanne1986 & @mangeons I love you guys <3.

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@chels, we’ve been over this time and time again, I lurve you too! <3

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@jmah is my only “fluddy” lol that hasn’t fallen off =/

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@Facade She’s still my fluther crush!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Back off! That tushy’s mine haha
I should mention @Simone_De_Beauvoir and I are pretty cool despite our differing religious views =)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Symbeline Any random acts of terror are fine with me.~

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Facade This is indeed true…how about a threesome? you can scream out god all you want ~

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir LMAO! I’m down =)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Facade Ya’ll just get my hopes up – it’ll never happen, sigh

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Guys – get a room. THEN GIVE ME A CALL.


stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Zen_Again What’s wrong with a bit of fun?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Au contraire, mon ami.

Simone and Facade know I meant call me – to join in the fun.

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@Zen_Again No boys allowed.

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@Facade You still think I’m a boy?

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I was guessing. My apologies if I’m wrong =\

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I’ll never tell. More fun that way.


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I like boys…sigh

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Everyone and no one

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@Sarcasm Oh, I hate that guy!

@chels Awww, you are like my big sister :)

But wait… If @rangerr is my sister, and @chels is @rangerr’s mom… LOLWUT!?!?! :o

Anyway, you are still awesome :)

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I like to check in with all the ladies, especially the mums. And all the kids, they keep me feeling youthful. And all the men, even the grumpy ones.

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@IBERnineD, @Allie, @chels @PnL, @Sarcasm, @J0E, @cyndihugs, @EmpressPixie, @markyy, @Dog, @johnpowell and @shrubbery.

the list continues…

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@Leanne1986 Lets be fluddy’s! I’ll bring the chocolate!

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To answer the question there are SEVERAL people on Fluther I enjoy. Some because they are always kind and even PM me :) Others for their humor. Some I know will post an intelligent or socially conscious response. And yet there are more who I just enjoy arguing with (and know that we pretty much always disagree, haha).
I won’t name names because I don’t want to leave anyone out and I don’t really want to play the name game b/c it feels a bit cliquish. I don’t support the idea that Fluther is cliquish but it does feel a bit that way when you name names, haha.

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I’m still reviewing applications for the position.

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@FutureMemory I’m a hard worker and always on time. ;)

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@FutureMemory PICK ME PICK ME.

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I have people I like seeing and reading cause they’re just awesome. I still feel a bit like a newbie, anyways.

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