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How do I control my anger?

Asked by Swervy (107points) May 17th, 2010

I always get angry at something I dont want to do and I think my mum want to try and help me do something but when it comes to the doing part I get angry and start swearing and calling her filthy names. What should I do I have been to psychologists but they dont help me much now I’m trying an online therapy thing. What can I do please help?

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Therapy can be good for alot of people however, if it doesnt work for you dont lose face in the situation, there are other ways to get around things.
I can get like that too sometimes. I find alot of the time the best thing is to literally just walk away from the situation. go for a walk around the block or if you cant do that if it is late at night run yourself a bath and think the situation through logically. this way you dont shout things you regret or dont really mean to people you love.
physically removing yourself from a situation when you feel things are getting on top of you may sound really difficult at the time and you will probably feel that it may prolong the immediate problem but it will end up with you being able to see the whole picture.
tell your mum that you are going to start trying to remove youself from situations where you get too angry as then she will understand when you walk off from an argument. you can then return to the sitation with a clear mind and a plan as to what you want to happen.
If that doesnt work I also reccommend starting a physical hobby, whether it be swimming/yoga/boxing it doesnt really matter what it is. the exercise will release endorphins making your overall outlook alot happier and you more relaxed. this also gets you out doing things and meeting different people and they physical exercise can also help you release some of your anger in a physical way rather than venting it out in arguments with people you care about.
Diet is also a good one, high sugar, high fat or high caffine diets will end up giving you peaks of high and low meaning that at one point in the day you will be very very happy and other points you will crash. this makes it hard for other people to judge what your reaction to certain things will be and therefore end up more likely to cause an argument. make sure you diet gets the complex carbohydrates, protiens and minerals you need. potassium, which is in bananas is apparently good for keeping you in a good mood. stop drinking those fizzy drinks and coffee and switch to something like cranberry tea or fruit juices.
Also, im not sure how old you are or your sex but if you are a teenager this is pretty much normal and you will grow out of it and also if you are a girl recently starten any kind of new hormonal birth control this could be the reason for your anger problems. if you are on hormones talk to your doctor as this birth control is not working out for you.

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The chemical is tryptofane, its in milk and turkey in high amounts as well as bananas.
Try getting a supplement like 5-HTP or evening primrose oil. My ex girlfriend used to flare up and get really stressy when she regularly didn’t take her EPO.

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