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What should I do with my old school notebooks?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) May 17th, 2010

So I just finished my finals and am packing up to go home. Thing is, I’m discovering all these notebooks from classes I’ve taken in the last 3 years, and they’re taking up so much space! My school apartment is fairly small, but I have serious pack-rat tendencies… two things that don’t really go well together.

Some of the classes I am interested in, and some of the notes I’ve already typed up. Other classes I don’t care as much about but I tend to wonder, “Maybe they’ll come in handy someday…?”

Should I just bite the bullet and throw them out? What have you other jellies done with similar notebooks, etc.?

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Chuck ‘em.

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The only notes I kept were the ones I felt would come in handy as I continued on my education. Once I felt they were no longer useful, I chucked them.

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Save them, give them to a younger person for examples or guidance or something. It seems like a ‘waste’ to just throw them out, that’s like throwing out a book when you are done reading it.

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Rip out the pages you’ve written on. Keep the ones you think can be useful/interesting in the future, and recycle the rest.

Keep one or two and keep them around as spare paper to jot down notes for yourself.
The rest of them.. if you know anyone with a kid.. give them the notebooks and some crayons.
I gave my step-siblings my old notebooks and crayons/colored pencils/stickers/stencils to keep themselves occupied in the car on trips. Two years later, they still have them and use them almost daily.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing. I have a ton of notes from law school—five file cabinet drawers. I’ve given a lot of them away, but am thinking to trash them soon. I need the file space.

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I saved mine. They have actually come in handy when I need to figure things out. I’ll eventually burn them and get some heat out of the paper.
@ParaParaYukiko I like the name – Saw it in Shibuya..

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Give them to a charity that provide classes for the homeless.

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After graduating from our police academy, i had the same problem. my notes and handed-out literature was just too good to throw away. i knew that someday, i would need my notes to recheck a given law and my notes attached. this has proven true time and time again. instead of throwing my notes and books away, i bought a cheap suitcase. my notes and books are now safely stored away, underneath my bed. easily available for a quick reference and out of sight. all of us are different, but i have never regretted my suitcase full of saved notes and books.

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