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What is sin?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33189points) May 17th, 2010

I know what the dictionary says sin is, but I want to know what you think it is.

It’s just my opinion, but calling something a sin is just another way for authority figures to control behavior.

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It’s a made up religious ‘law’. There are real laws, like stopping at a red light…then there is the fake law, like eating a steak during lent.

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The internalized voice of your primary caretaker.

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Sin is a control mechanism imposed by some religious doctrines as a method of keeping the followers in a state of submission and fear.

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@Seek_Kolinahr : I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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I don’t believe in sin. To me, it is a concept made up as part of religion.

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It’s how you know you’re having a good time.

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Sin is whatever your deity tells you not to do.

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A miserable little pile of secrets! Okay no, sorry.

Essentially, I see sin as human nature. I really don’t like suggesting that some of the greater evils which rival things like greed or lust such as rape and murder are part of the darker human spectrum, but these things have, unfortunately, been with us for centuries.
It’s also funny that the church would view these things as sin when much of their history is total irony.
Things like that would be sin to me, anyways.
But I guess despite the technical definitions and what should generally be seen as common sense or at least a sense of goodwill it’s like everyone says, sin is going to the bathroom.

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It’s a secret. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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@Silhouette Ha..I was watching Maher’s “Religulous” yesterday and he said “What happens in Gomorrah stayed in Gomorrah” I loled.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I just watched it too. It was pretty good. I loved his debate with Jesus.

Jesus…“What if you’re wrong Bill?”
Bill…....“What if you’re wrong?”

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@Silhouette I thought it was a pretty simple-minded movie – something for him to get off his chest and not look too deeply for answers – but for a person like me that dislikes the institution of religion, it was like junk-food for a half hour.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I thought the same thing but I think that was sort of his point. There aren’t any answers to the question “Is there a God?” Nobody knows.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I recommend Julia Sweeney’s, Letting Go of God.

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Sin was the Babylonian moon god. His cult practiced ritual “shabatu” days where you weren’t supposed to work, make astrological predictions, or do risky things. He was said to resemble a bull (because the moon has “horns,”). He was associated with the passage of time too, I believe.

Clearly a big inspiration for the Hebrews, what with their “shabbat” days, their depictions of Yahweh as having bull’s horns, and their reverence for “Mount Sinai.”

I actually don’t know if the god Sin and the theological term “sin” are related etymologically. The Hebrew word for sin is obviously not “sin.” I reckon sin (lowercase) came from Greek/Latin/European languages?

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@tinyfaery I will look into it!
@Qingu – very cool

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A judeo-christian construct.

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How about mixing Diet Coke with a single malt scotch? I think that would qualify.

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The best part about sin in the Bible is how you’re supposed to atone for it—by sacrificing meat and bread to Yahweh. Seasoned with salt and herbs. Because God loves his salt.

It’s only a coincidence that the priests get a cut of Yahweh’s sacrifices and are the ones who wrote the laws about sin.

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what about things you do to not live up to your potential being? That could be considered a sin against yourself. raging addiction, sloth

I know we arent perfect, but we could try harder like avis.

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Delineating sins in a way can be thought of as moral guardrails to help keep you on the right path according to the doctrines of that religion and either way it will still be up to you to keep yourself on the road.

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Sin is whatever kind of fun the current powers-that-be don’t want you to have. It’s like the Baptists being opposed to sex in a standing position (it might lead to dancing)~.

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Spilling the last glass of wine or using too cheap of Tequila in a margarita. Oh, and burning a steak on the grill.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous . . . don’t forget rooting for the bears, hating cheese, and not bagging a buck.

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Sin is ignoring God’s (swt) rules.

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The ratio of the opposite side of an angle in a triangle to the hypotenuse

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Sin is wasting good beer.

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Unethical behavior.

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@roundsquare Truth. It’s in your post.

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@cockswain OK, but what the fuck is tan?

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