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Is there a company that owns the pet food company called Nutro Products?

Asked by Evan (805points) May 17th, 2010

the food is called Max Cat, and it says it’s made by Nutro Products. I’m wondering if there’s another company that owns Nutro Products.

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Google yielded results for Nutro Products and has the cat food you are talking about under their product list. Click

I tried to find any other company that owns Nutro Products.
There might be some useful information here

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Nutro manufactures (or has manufactured for it) a number of brands of dog and cat food. It is generally well-thought-of.

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Both my cat & dog do well on Nutro Max foods.

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According to this wikipedia article Nurto products is owned by Mars, Inc.

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Waltham seems to be associated with them in some way, too.

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There is a letter on the website that might be of interest.

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