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How do you deal with Tinitus?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) May 17th, 2010 from iPhone

I first experienced Tinitus 2 years ago only for 2 nights and then it disappeared – I had a very heavy cold at the time.
Last night it returned with me having another bad cold.
It went in the morning after I felt a gurggle in my ear and then a lot of liquidy stuff came out. Lots of wax came out as well. I do try and keep my ears clean,so I dont understand where it all came from? My Tinitus sounds like Im sitting back of a jet with the constant noise of the engine
anyone else out there have experrience of Tinitus and how do you deal with it?

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I live with tinitus. It’s so constant that I have learned to ignore it. When it flares up and gets worse, I breathe and tell myself that it will pass.

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I have it too; it’s bothersome and sometimes makes it hard to hear when people talk it’s so loud, but for the most part, I try to ignore it. There’s really nothing else to do. However, you might have something else with your cold symptoms and clogged ears—check that out first.

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Sorry to hear you guys have it constantly – it drove me mad having it for one night.
Ive had consultants look at my ears/nose and found nothing abnormal. I also have a hearing aid in my left ear where my Tinitus happens.

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I’ve heard radio ads for so-called “homeopathic remedies” that presumably rein it in. While their website is entirely unhelpful (not even giving us things like drug facts), they do mention that white noise can drown out the ringing.
I thought they sounded kinda fishy, myself.

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my Mom has it bad and it drives her nuts. She really thinks there are trucks outside her house.

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In homeopathy, there are ‘remedies’, not ‘drugs’. The allopathic medicine empire has contributed to people like @Nullo saying uninformed garbage like his post.

@Sandydog, you might see if there is a ‘traditional’ homeopath in your area. All that is passed off as homeopathy is not. A good homeopath is sure to help you.

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Lots of good info on the search engines, but remember to spell it “tinnitus.”

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Ive looked at search engine stuff, but wanted to hear about peoples personal experiences.

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@MissA It’s not “uninformed garbage.” I visited the website and looked for any data concerning the remedy. There was none. No tests, no studies, no list of ingredients, no FDA approval, no Honcode seal, no endorsement or even recognition by the American Tinnitus Association. Perhaps most damning of all are the claims that the product “was discovered by a rock drummer” and uses “scientifically advanced technology” and that it was ”seen on TV.”

As @The_Idler‘s post would indicate, homeopathy works on the placebo basis.

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I have it all day most days so therefore I often don’t even notice. I’ve had it for about six weeks now. It may be caused by my loud computer hum because it Seems to get louder If I’ve been on here a lot that particular day. I do not know why it started. Right now it’s a semi-quiet, high=pitched squeal. Squeal is the best word I can think of that describes it. I will reply if I find anything that makes it totally stop. It isn’t annoying to me unless the squeal becomes very loud. Then I go and watch a sort of loud tv show.

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I have it 24/7. My mantra: “deal with it.”

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It might not be a bad idea to get checked for Meniere’s disease. Tinnitus is one of the more significant symptoms. A friend’s Dad has it and he has reduced his sodium dramatically with decent results. Apparently the sodium has an impact on the liquid loose in his ear . . .

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@Nullo @The_Idler
Out of respect for the author of this question, I’ll post a question of my own. However, let me say that I never said the product Nullo was talking about, is in fact, homeopathic. I am inclined to believe not. And, if you are going to read one person’s opinion about homeopathy, how can we have an intelligent discussion?

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@MissA No, I said that it was a homeopathic remedy.
I studied homeopathy extensively some years back. I was not impressed.

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Just to give an update about my ear problem.
The doc has given me an ear antibiotic as it turned out there was an infection, and a swab was taken, but she was not too sure if the sample she took actually reached the root of the
infection. She wasnt too sure if Id a perforated eardrum as well.
Just hope the antibiotics work -cant hear the tv at all with my left ear !! The Tinnitus comes and goes, but thankfully isnt very intense.

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I’ve had tinnitus for a long time. I stop and pay attention to it, move my head around a bit to figure what which sounds are real and which sounds change orientation with my ear and thus are not real. Then I try to just let it go, and move on with whatever I’m doing.

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@Sandydog: I would be alarmed at a doc who wasn’t sure whether you had a deeper infection or a perforated eardrum. How about seeing a specialist who has better techniques and better diagnostic skills with the ear? That would be a board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat guy (ENT).

Your doctor should not have sent you home without being more certain or recommending you to a specialist. I have occasional Benign Positional Vertigo (severe dizziness). which can be fixed (very unpleasantly) by the ENT guy doing the Epley manouevres.

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