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What are fluthers? How do you get into people's Fluthers? Are they by topic?

Asked by melissamiranda (99points) May 17th, 2010

Is being a fluther like following someone? And when you see people are in 10 fluthers that means that 10 people are following them? Are there fluthers by topic? Are they making it obscure on purpose, to reserve the feature for people with established reputations and track records?

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Pretty much it means that you are in their group of friends on fluther and they are interested in the questions you ask, It also means that you can find them easily and get in contact. You dont necessarily have to know them, just be interested in them. when you add someone to your fluther you give them lurve. they dont necessarily have to add you back though.

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Welcome to Fluther. Yes, adding people to your Fluther means that you are following the questions they ask. Generally, people add someone to their Fluther whose answers they like or admire.

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Thanks for the answers. So that means you have to click on a person’s profile and find the link to “add them to your fluther.” I was confused because fluther means a group of jellyfish (or people in the context of this site), which connotes a “friend” 2-way relationship. However, here it’s used to mean “follow” which is more like being tuned into a stream of information (since the person doesn’t have to follow you back). I was thinking in terms of a Venn diagram where the relationship is more like tuning into a TV channel. I hope this makes sense as an insight to the root of my confusion.

At least I can see how it’s so hard to rename mainstream web mechanisms like “friend” and “follow” in order to brand the concept for a new site.

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You’re in my fluther now. (insert evil laugh here)

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This works differently than many other sites, where it’s by mutual consent. Here, it’s unilateral; it took me a while to understand and get used to that.

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@melissamiranda Now you’re in mine kiddo – happy fluthering.

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It’s less of a friends list and more of a RSS feed list. There’s a separate tab in the “Just For You” tab in the main page with questions asked by people in your fluther. I just like adding people, honestly. It seems to give everyone I add that warm & fuzzy feeling, according to the nice comments they leave me :DDDDDD

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But there is a limit to how many you can have in your fluther, @Fred931. It used to be 200; I think it was upped to 300 a while back because some people complained that they were having to delete people in order to add others. I do go through now and then to see if I’m keeping people who haven’t been around in a long while.

There’s no limit on how many fluthers you can be in. But then, that’s not up to you—it’s a matter of what other people do.

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@Jeruba OMFG. I’ll just have to shank someone who has power when I hit 300.

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$20 and I will make you mine.

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