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How do you hang up your clothes?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) May 17th, 2010

Do you toss them on a hanger and just hang them anywhere in your closet? Or do you have some kind of method?

For instance, I’m weird and I color-coordinate my clothes when I hang them up. Blacks with blacks, whites with whites, etc. This is partly to help me keep track of my clothes – that way if something goes missing, I’ll notice it faster. (And yes, I need to give some clothes to Goodwill, because I’m running out of hangers and closet space.)

Am I the only weirdo who had some kind of method?

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I keep my clothes separate by purpose. For example, my work clothes are all together in one area of my closet and my dress clothes are all together in another area of the closet.

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I don’t know if you’re a weirdo, but I had a very abusive ex and when I saw his closet I got really scared. He had all grey pants, then green, then brown, then blue….
He had a drawer full of nothing but sunglasses. He had pictures of only himself all over his room. It reminded me of that guy from Sleeping with the Enemy.
I make it a point to have a little disarray. If I can keep clothes on the hanger, I’m doing well.

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I organize by type of sleeve, going from spaghetti strap to long sleeve. Jeans with jeans, work pants with work pants, skirts according to length, and dresses

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@Trillian Ah, yeah, I’m not that kind of crazy! :) I mostly do it so I don’t lose some of my clothes, as sad as that is. Haha!

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I’m similar to @Seaofclouds, I keep work clothes on one side and everything else on the other. Yes, I hang most everything including t-shirts I wear often. I buy tiered clip hangers for skirts so I can have 5 at a time on each hook, all kept neat/ Pants go on individual clip hangers. I’m weirdo enough to write down each day’s outfit since I often work 7–9 days at stretch and don’t want absent minded repeats. Rotating my clothes like that also makes it seem like I have more outfits than I really do and keeps me from wearing one favored thing out before the season is up.

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It goes from shirts to dresses in one and the other is all suits and dressier dresses.I don’t hang pants,or t-shirts…It’s just wrong ;)

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I just swapped out my cold weather clothing for the warm damn Jersey and your damn weather, and I tried to be somewhat organized this time. I put them in order of occasion rather than color: casual dresses, short sleeve tops, work pants, etc.

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I only separate them by long-sleeve and short-sleeve. That’s what I do here at college and that’s what I did at home. And of course I had a separate section altogether for jackets and sweatshirt-jackets.

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Recently I read an excellent de-cluttering trick.

Turn all the hangers in your closet 180 degrees, hang them over the back of the closet pole, so you have to push things back and down to remove.

After wearing, hang them normally.

After 1 year, throw/give away everything which is still hanging backwards.

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Hang up? What is this thing called hang up? ;-)

Most of mine wind up on the floor. Fortunately, they don’t wrinkle…

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My clothes go on shelves in my closet. I separate my shirts into 3 basic color groups: Blues+greys, browns+greens, blacks. I separate my shorts, either they’re shorts that I wear to school/out, or they’re basketball shorts that I wear around the house.
My jeans go up on the highest shelf because I live in SoCal, and I wear jeans probably 2 days out of the year.
Socks, boxers, and towels go in the rest of the open spaces of my shelves.
I hang belts up on a bar that goes right below the top shelf.
I have my “fancy” shirts and pants hidden on the far side of the closet, because I barely ever need them.

A picture from a few weeks ago, about half-way between laundry days.

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If you’re weird, I’m weird.

I group by long/short sleeves and arrange by color…my shirts look an art room color wheel with all the varying hues.

I hang almost everything I own and I hang it directly out of the dryer ‘cause me and my iron don’t get along.

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I organize by color, just like you, and I try to put everything on a hanger. My closet goes from purple to red to orange to yellow to white to grey to black to blue to green. Yes, it’s a rainbow. I’m not an organized person and I’m not anal about it (the color order changes itself from time to time, browns never have a good home)

But— what it buys me is making it really speedy to get dressed in the morning. I know exactly where everything is, and needing a white top, I can see them all at the same time in the same place. The 5 minutes of extra sleep it buys me is worth any extra effort putting away my laundry.

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My clothes are color coded. I start with the whites, then tans, yellows, pinks, reds, purples, browns, then the blacks. Within those color coding the shirts start from sleeveless to short sleeves to the longer sleeves. My pants are in another closet and are color coded also.

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I’ve never lived without a dresser but at my bf’s apt then we had only a walk in closet with a top shelf and a bank of cubbies on one end… everything fit perfectly and all under great lighting! I stacked his undershirts, boxers and socks in the different cubbies while jeans, shorts and pj’s went on the top shelf. All else got hung up and was so easy to find and keep neat. I thought about how I could make do without drawers but I’m a female and my knickers, bras, stocking, and lingerie don’t lend themselves to neat folding on shelves :(

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“Work” clothes (which means cleaning the gutters, painting the floor, etc) in a hamper. The ones on the bottom are 30 years old and won’t fit me any more if I ever dig them out. I wear the top two pairs of pants and the top two painty tshirts and sweaters. “All the time” clothes on hangers in no particular order, but the closet pole’s not inside a closet, it’s just hung up on a wall between bookshelves, so I can see everything all the time. “Nice” clothes in a closet, all in whatever order I wore them in. Now and then I find something pretty that I’d forgotten about. This is a perfect system.
lucillelucillelucille is right: hanging up pants is wrong.

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@DrasticDreamer I didn’t mean to imply that you were sugar. Just that too much order in the closet has unpleasant associations for me so I tend to go in the other direction. ;-)

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My husband hangs his clothes according to the order he wears them. Newly cleaned goes in on the left side, and today’s comes out on the right side. He keeps the long sleeved separated from the short because of the weather and season.

All my clothes are folded and kept in drawers, except the few ‘dressy’ clothes I have.

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Shirts with shirts, then colour-coded. Skirts with skirts, the same. Trousers with trousers, ditto.

And my dresses look like a rainbow, as I hang them ROY G. BIV, with white on one end, black on the other. I just got those velvet hangers and they work a no-slip treat, plus using them has made more room in my closet!

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you’re not weird! i used to hang according to color but now it’s by type… all the jackets are together, hoodies, vests, zip ups, long shirts, long sweatshirts, nice shirts, dresses, etc… i used to be way more anal and now i wish i was…

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I haven’t had access to a closet since me and my girlfriend moved in together.

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First row: Work clothes. Divided by warmth: t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweat shirts. Logos all point to the right.

Second row, left to right: long sleeve t-shirts: prints first, then dark colors progressing to white. All pointing to the right.

Then, short sleeve t-shirts: same order as long sleeved ones.

Jeans: more popular in the left and all going from dark to light.

Sweatshirts: divided by poplularity. All point to the left.

Nice clothes: no order, they just point to the left.

Damn, I’m weird.

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If I hang, I color-coordinate.

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@loser Did you read all the other posts? You aren’t weird, it appears you are with the norm.

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Seems most people color coordinate. Am I the only one who does it by sleeve style? I am abnormal lol

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Actually, I do colour coordinate too. Mostly because I hang my clothes on a rail covering an entire side of a wall in my already too small room. I found that if I just randomly hang clothes on there it makes my room look like more of a mess than it already is :)

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4 groups in my closet: Dresses, coats/jackets/hoodies, pants/skirts, shirts. Then I organize the dresses by their formality, the pants & skirts by their length, & the shirts by type (t-shirts, sweaters, polos, blouses, & “skimpies”). And I try to keep everything organized by colour. This lasts for about a week, untill it’s just in basic groups.

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