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Why do baseball players throw their helmet toward home plate after a game-winning home run?

Asked by hoopski (49points) May 17th, 2010

I just saw Marcus Thames do this after hitting a game-winning shot off Jonathan Papelbon. Is it like spiking a football in the end zone? Is there some specific reason why it’s done?

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testosterone…....just like spikin that dang football

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Because he’s about to enter a mosh pit of guys without helmets.

Consider it courtesy and forethought or learned behavior. Nothing ruins a celebration like handing out a couple concussions.

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Because the people who collect the equipment are in the dugout.

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Every player tosses his batting helmet at the dugout. If a runner gets stranded on base, he doesn’t go all the way back to the dugout to take off his helmet and get his glove. He skids the helmet toward the dugout, and one of his teammates—taking the field for the next half-inning—brings his glove to him. The same thing happens when a player makes the 3rd out of an inning.

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We just get so damn happy!!!

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