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What is the best, most fun first date you ever had?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) May 17th, 2010

Looking for some ideas. Spare me the anything with a simple dinner or drinks.

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Mine wasn’t really a first date, per se. We’d met, and fell head over. That night we talked on the phone til the morning, and it was a work day. I’ll never forget that conversation, and I’ve never experienced that again.

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Aquariums or museums are good. Something with constant stimulus to give you something to talk about, always an excuse for interaction, with dinner to follow so you can have more free-flowing conversation. And you can always talk about what you saw earlier (at said aquarium/museum) if you have trouble knowing what to say.

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We flew in a private plane to New York City. A carriage ride, a tour of the city and the Statue, dinner, then Les Miserables on Broadway. Any one of those would have been funner than anything I’d ever done before.
The next day we went to Philadelphia, where we checked out some of the amazing historical sites, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Benjamin Franklin’s institute and Museum. Cuddling on top of the William Penn Tower. Then to the colorful and world-famous little street restaurant in Philly that invented Philly Cheese steak sandwiches, Pat’s King of Steaks. He really knew how to play!

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@eden2eve Geeze, Who was it with? Bill Gates?

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No someone cuter and funnier.

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trumpet player, 30 years ago, him picking me up at the train, going to the Greek place he loved, getting beer and making out by lake Michigan in his van.

Man, I miss him….guess I need a road trip.

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@eden2eve Jerry Seinfeld, Carrotop, Adam Sandler…....John Belushi!!!

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I would take him to the beach or a forest preserve with a lake or river and bring a blanket and of course a picnic basket and favorite beverages. Pack finger foods and little chunks of something you can throw at him to see if he can catch it in his mouth. Bring an mp3 player with some Nora Jones or other soft sexy music and a camera with a timer. A blind fold and pop rocks for a real memorable first kiss! ;) (Don’t put more than a few in at a time)

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He flew me in his small plane into the outback for a picnic.

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We rode on the back of a mule 50 miles out into nowhere…halfway there he started to serenade me with this…

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