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Why do you suppose Victoria's Secret commercials, models are in heels most of the time and the other bra maker commercials they are not?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 17th, 2010

Nothing big just something that makes you go ummmmmm. Ever noticed those Victoria’s Secret bra and panty commercials? Ever noticed whenever you see the model’s feet she is in heels? When you see bra commercials from Playtex or others their models are never in heels, ever noticed that? Why do you believe Victoria’s Secrets seem to always put their models in high heels to peddle lingerie when the others manutacturers don’t do that? Make you go “ummm…..??”

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Playtex is selling functionality, Victoria’s Secret is selling sex. And, to a lesser degree, functionality.

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What @mrentropy said. It’s supposed to increase the model’s sex appeal. Heels or no heels, fake boobs are unattractive.

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@mrentropy From what I have seen bras serve no fuction for about 45–60% of the women wearing them. And sexy would be no bra at all to get in the way. :-)

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Do you really not know the answer to this q?

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VS is selling more than just bras…they offer the whole package even the shoes. So why wouldn’t they showcase their models in all that they offer! Plus they look much hotter in heels and hot is what sells!! WOOF!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir If left to me I would have to say VS makes bras for women with grat bodies that are hot and Playtex and many others make them for frumpy mother-like women who need something to hold their bulges and other stuff in because they didn’t take care fo their bodies.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir <Shrugs> That is why I wanted to see what you thought….. :-)

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I’m not a woman, obviously, so I can only go by what my wife would say. If she just needed a bra, panties, or stockings she would go anywhere to get whatever was cheaper (she hated the idea of paying more than $10 for a bra).

However, if she wanted to feel sexy or look sexy she would go to VS and cost be damned. It was more about how she wanted to feel about herself, or look for me, than just something to hold up her boobs.

She wasn’t frumpy, she had a very nice body. It was more of a matter of mindset than anything else.

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@mrentropy Thank you, that is what I was looking for, a logical opinon in a direction I never explored or would have thought to. :-) Larvae for you.

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