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What is the cheapest possible way to get from Minneapolis to Honolulu?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) May 17th, 2010

I need to make it to Honolulu for under $300 if possible.

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Is money the only limitation? What about time?

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There are many factors unknown to the answering folk…when, how long, etc. Therefore, I would suggest

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Airfare to the West Coast from Honolulu is running $450 round trip these days. It’s not possible to get to Honolulu from Minneapolis for $300 or less.

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all the airline sites I have ever checked need a date before they can give you a price. Call a travel agent and see if they have any specials they can give you.

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There’s a land portion and a sea portion. The sea portion requires air travel or boat travel. It is less easily solved than the land portion, which could be managed by train, bus, shared ride, and various other methods. That’s why the question about time. There is also another pertinent question about comfort.

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Bike + row boat. Done.

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Do you need to go round trip for $300 or one way?

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i apologize i kinda put the question up without any details, i was leaving it vague in hopes that the answers would fill in the blanks for them selfs…as the money is my only limitation

any how…..its a one way…i have friends just out side of Honolulu with a permaculture organic farm…i’lll be living and working there….i have no set time frame to get there, but soon would be nice, but i do understand it is summer and that is prime vacation time, so i am ready and able to wait till the prices drop in fall

i suppose my question should have been

what is the cheapest flight to Honolulu from a west coast city, which west coast city, and what is the cheapest flight from Minneapolis to that city

i realize i will have to a lot of research on my own…

but what ever info you can give me will be infinitely helpful….

@Jeruba thank you for your well articulated answers and inquires

comfort is neither here nor there, completely unimportant

and i am willing to do almost any combination of land and sea travel…be it switching back an forth between traveling methods on land, for the cheapest possible rout, and then flying or sailing to the islands….it doesn’t really matter

again money is the only real issue

p.s. @InspecterJones….very funny answer….love it…lol

p.s.s even if the methods you all come up with exceed $300, let me know any way, with in reason of course….I way be able to work for the remainder while I wait for the opportune trip time

Thanks every one

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If you afford $331, Delta ( Northwest ), Tuesday June 8, 2010. Looks like you’ll have to book it quick. Other prices run up $1300 for non-stop, this one goes to Salt Lake City then Seattle and on to Honolulu.

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If you’re willing to consider something slower than flying, there are freighters which also have room for a few passengers.

Certainly not as luxurious as a cruise ship but I’ve read that some of them are pretty decent.

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Walk, then swim.

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HItchhike to the coast, then stow away on something.

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@ChazMaz lol….much greener answer than the already very green @InspecterJones answer…lol

@Nullo….very funny..but a little risky


@Buttonstc that is an intriguing proposition…one i am very excited into looking into….do you have any other info on such freighters…or any place i may find that info

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Check Craigslist for ride share across the country, then fly – I doubt there would be a ride share flight ha ha.

Get a job with a travel company, or become an air cabin crew worker.

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@YARNLADY Makes a good point, getting across the country can be done almost for free.

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