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Right leg feeling like it's about to fall asleep; very uncomfortable. What could this be?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) May 18th, 2010

I have a sensation in my leg that you usually get after crossing your legs for too long, or the feeling right before the leg gets tingly, but my leg never gets tingly. I’m concerned this could be a blood clot, or something more serious, or perhaps nothing to worry about. I saw a doctor about it a week ago, but the follow up is in another week while he reviews my full medical records. In the meantime I’m stressing as to what this could possibly be, as I have a hard describing the sensation. Usually walking around seems to relieve discomfort, but it seems to be getting worse and worse each day. Any help would be appreciated.

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restless leg syndrome?

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Perhaps it could be poor circulation, as it seems to feel better after walking around.

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You can worry yourself to death wondering what it is, but you really have to just wait for the doctor to diagnose you. He/she is the only one who has a full medical work up and the capability to run diagnostics. If the quality changes or the sensation gets worse, or if you exhibit other symptoms, get to an emergency room.

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It seems you’re already going over the possibility of DVT in your mind, which based on just that symptom would be premature… there are more signs and you’d have to take into account a certain amount of risk factors. I wouldn’t be too worried just yet.

However I have had a similar experience with a few patients who turns out had localized tetanization… basically a recurring muscle cramp. Warm baths anti-inflammatory and in one case a deep tissue massage took care of it.

The thing is in your case there’s not enough information to actually make a diagnosis.

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What you have is RLS, Restless leg syndrome. I had it and still do sometimes. Mine only happens in the evening and at night. Walking relieves it, but my Neurologist prescribed Neurontin and it relieved the feeling that was driving me crazy. You might need a different drug. My sister has it and said she went to a health food pharmacy and takes something she puts under her tongue. You can find a lot about RLS on the computer.

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@Marianna I really don’t think it’s RLS. First it’s not a feeling of restlessness, but rather poor circulation because my feet get cold. Second, it’s only affecting my right leg, and RLS usually affects both.

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