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what's the difference between sex and love making between 2 women? How do the acts differ from one another?

Asked by sassygurrl82 (13points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m pretty sure technically sex is not possible between two women.
But making love is certainly possible as it is very much emotional and not dependant upon the sex of the participants.

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actually, sex between 2 women is possible…ever heard of toys? A strap-on allows intercorse even though the dildo is not a natural growth it helps! I’m just not sure if what we’ve been doing is considered making love.

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You just answered your own question. It’s just sex. If it was love, you wouldn’t be asking, you’d know/

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Sex doesn’t require penetration, or a penis; the rule we used in my college fraternity, (to end the legalistic debates during drinking games and truth or dare) is that sex involves two or more people and actions that are done with the intent to cause orgasm by at least one of the parties involved. Otherwise you end up with the silly results that a woman who’s been in a committed long-term relationship with another woman and never with a man is still a virgin, or that it’s sex if a woman performs oral sex on a man but not if a man performs oral sex on a woman.

The difference between sex and making love is the same regardless of the genders of the participants. Is there an emotional level to the sex, so that it’s a meaningful expression of the love and affection between the two people, or is it just physical pleasure?

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Do you love her? Is it an emotional thing you you? Then it’s making love. By my little standards, anyway…

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thanks people…I just needed reassurance

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You know the difference when you feel the difference.

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Shaft and nuts

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Hooker vs wife. Or Guv of NY and Kristian vs (prob) soon to be exwife.

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