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Why is it illegal to rip tags off of mattresses?

Asked by Milk (357points) May 18th, 2010

Is it seriously illegal to do that, why? I mean if its my mattress why cant I do what I want with it?

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Pretty sure that is meant for the stores.. you can do whatever you want with it when you get it home.

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You can do anything you want including ripping off the tags.

The warning is aimed at shady retailers.

As long as you aren’t in the business of selling mattresses you are golden.

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peewee? anyone?

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It there so you have something to read during those sleepless nights;)

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It was always meant to be for everyone but the consumer, but they have now changed the law to say that you can rip it off if you are the consumer.

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You may rip them after purchasing your mattress.

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Never buy a mattress without a tag.

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The tags are there for the consumers benefit. no tag, look elsewhere. the tag is to give the consumer pertinent information about the contents of the mattress and where it was made. the tag is strictly for the buying consumers information. once purchased, the mattress belongs to you and you do whatever pleases you.

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