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What to do if i burn myself?

Asked by airowDee (1791points) May 18th, 2010

i poured some really hot water on my ankle, its all red and hurtin bad. I already run alot of cold water on it…and i took 2 tylenol, what should i do to make it stop hurting so much short of going to the hosptial

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No blisters? It’s likely a first degree burn then. Ice will help in combination with the Tylenol you took. Just keep it clean. If a blister forms, keep it covered and try not to let it break open.

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no blisters, thanks..

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Put NEOSPORIN® on it. And, have someone kiss it.

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A paste of baking soda and water does the trick.

And I heard a friend’s father poured plain soy sauce over her bad burns as a child when she reached hot water. It cools it down quickly.

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Keep it in cold water (put ice cubes in the bowl. I would go with a stronger pain reliever that helps inflammation. Either Ibuprofen or Alleve.

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Cold water is it. There are a lot of urban myths about putting it in hot water, putting butter or oil on it, etc… Those can sometimes make matters worse. But keeping it cool can help with pain and won’t make matters worse. (I burn myself way too often, sometimes blister even).

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Can you describe the burn? If it’s blistering, DO NOT put any kind of greasy anything on it.
Cold water is good for now. Don’t smack it on anything.

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use ice on it

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@Jill_E Maybe the soy sauce cools it down quicker due to its higher specific heat (salt content)?

If you must ice it, use a mix of water and ice (not just plain ice, that can cause more damage, even through insulation because ice is generally below freezing temp) in a plastic baggie.

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I would recommend you use a plant called “Alo Vera” open up the leaf and rub it on the burn…
Hope this helps!

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Yep, Aloe Vera

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