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Any ideas for a sweet 16 party, at my house?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) May 18th, 2010

So my birthday is tommorow , but I am thinking of having the party this coming saturday. Ok so these could be the people I want to invite, Alda (lives like 2–3 hours from me and a good friend of Anna aswell, so I was thinking she could sleep at Anna’s), Anna, Agnes, agla, linda,(she’ll go on a trip, but it’s fine even if she misses it, kinda annoying-not being mean), me, Siwanart(45 minutes from where I live and we aren’t so much in contact either), birta, þórunn. I was thinking of everyone coming while looking their best. Food would be something mexican, you just choose what you want and put on a plate or just order Domino’s Pizza. Games-maybe cards, I have no idea or something to play since we’ll all look fab! I hope and also should I have a cake or what?

Sorry it’s soo long:(

Anyway tell me what you think of this idea? and you can ofcourse add some suggestions if there is something missing and I want it to look nice but cheap also.

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Cake is a necessity. A birthday party without cake is like Hell without the fire, just not the same. Definitely have games ready to play. If you like nostalgia, go with Operation, Perfection & Jenga. All of these keep the guests active & watching people play these games are just as fun as playing. If you want something of this generation, go with TV interactive games, like Scene It! Or Trivial Pursuit. If you have a gaming console, maybe rent a few party games. I own a Wii, so I would recommend Wii Sports Resort or Wii Play. For food, get something easy & not too messy. Who ever cleans up, shouldn’t resent the party when it’s over. Pizza is a good choice. Maybe have a healthy alternative, like a sub-way party platter. Have a few movies on hand, for when the party hits that stage where the games are not fun & the food is gone & your stomaches are full. Maybe a little popcorn to snake on during movie. Make it a movie everyone has seen, but enjoys. That way you can all still chat during the movie or get up to get something & not worry about missing something. I’m guessing everyone owns camera/phones, but it’s still fun to buy a few disposable cameras to have laying around for those moments when a camera phone isn’t good enough. Plus there is always the fun of developing them a few days later after you forgot about what happened. I guess that is all. One big thing to remember, don’t let the guests get bored. Bored party guests are the worst. So try to have something ready to do for when someone exhales that dreaded breath of boredom. Try to do things that others would like to do. It may be your party, but these people are your guests. A happy guest will most likely come back for your 17th birthday party.

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Let’s see, it’s May in Iceland. Therefore it won’t get dark. So… do something outdoors!!! Is it too expensive to arrange for everyone to ride horses? (do you like horses?)
I enjoyed rpmpseudonym’s ideas about food, because I know there IS NO FOOD in Iceland except pizza and mexican and scarey things like fermented shark. I think pizza is a grand idea.
And Cake. Cake. Lots of Cake. Happy Sixteen, sweetie!!!

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@rpmpseudonym , thank you very much I think I will stick to the pizzas…maybe with jelapejo and chicken, maize

@susanc , no sorry I am not an animal person really.
And therefore their are foods in Iceland:) thank you also, I think I will go with the pizza.

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for my birthday, I’m ordering a cookie dough pizza from the best pizza place in the world (Scottie’s pizza factory) then I’m going camping and hiking. You really can’t go wrong with a party as long as everyone is entertained. Good Luck!

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@Jeremycw1 , happy birthday jeremy and have fun camping! I will definitley do the pizza part

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@chyna , I know I already asked this question, but I just came up with another idea, sorry if that’s bothering you.

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