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How will you be celebrating Shavuot?

Asked by dpworkin (27035points) May 18th, 2010

Don’t forget! If today is the 49th Day of the Omer (Malchus ShebeMalchus) then it follows that tomorrow is Shavuot! How will you celebrate?

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I will be celebrating Shavuot by eating a piece of toast with butter and honey on top, and by calling both my daughters-in-law and explaining the Book of Ruth to them. I may not stay up all night.
And yourself?

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Right now I’m worried about Malchus ShebeMalchus. At sundown I’ll worry about Shavuot.

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Good. One step at a time.

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By drinking a few beers and watching the NBA playoffs.

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I’m in Florida right now so I guess I could say I’m here to celebrate Shavuot? Chag Samaech!

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Isru Chag!

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@dpworkin What does that mean? I don’t know the word Isru.

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Tomorrow is Isru Chag.

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By eating Chinese food. What could be more appropriate than that?

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Cheesecake! That’s what!

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I have celebrated Erev Sukkot before. Just because we were looking for a good excuse to get our Jewish buddy to get out of the house.

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I will celebrate by printing this question and burning it while saying a prayer only known to me.

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I’ll just ignore it and let you guys do what you do.

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