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Drinks to drink in a bar/club.

Asked by cake7 (519points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

ok this is going to be one if the first times I go out since I’ve had my daughter. I never can find a good babysitter. We are going out to a bar that is having live music. Any of you have good drinks I can order? This will be my first time in a bar.

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7 Long Island ice teas then take a lease on a toilet stall in a decent part of town.

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Riser, you are on a roll tonight!! Mudslides are good. or you could ask for a Bahma Mama.

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ok if u like fruity drinks try some of these they are my fav: madori sour, sex on the beach, red headed slut, cranberry and vodka, pineapple and vodka. And my new found drink is vodka and sprite! Its my new fav drink now. The sprite kills the taste of the vodka. But make sure they use grey goose, that cheap shit makes drinks nasty!!!!

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I don’t know how to say this without it coming out the wrong way, but I love red headed sluts! They are tasty.

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I still love cosmopolitans.

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Barcardi and cola. Do it, do it. Hahaha, good movie.

Yeah, I’m more of a shots and beer guy than a mix drinker.

@ Riser LITs are good though. Nice call!

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Barcardi and cola. Do it, do it. Hahaha, good movie.

Yeah, I’m more of a shots and beer guy than a mix drinker.

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Grey goose dirty martini or if I’m in the mood for sweet drinks I’d go for a rum runner a.k.a. rum punch.

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@ Randy: that’s because there’s only a splash of tea in them. :)

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Sounds like you might want to stick to the basics. Vodka drinks are a safe bet. Personally, I think fruity or sweet drinks are a recipe for a hangover. And with a small child who wants that. I just stick to beer or wine if I go out, and avoid switching from one alcohol to another.

With that said, enjoy your night.

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Depends on what you want out of the night.

Wine is safe and mellow. If you want something to give you a little more edge, stick with the vodka drinks. The cosmopolitan was a good suggestion but also try a mojito. Watch out for rum and cokes. The caffeine may keep you awake all night…

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Bacardi limon and diet coke

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There are a lot of crappy cocktails (foo-foo tinis) and a lot of great classic cocktails that get ignored. The problem with the classics is that they can require fresh fruit juice, which most bars are either too busy or don’t care about.

Long story short: one of my favorites for cocktail newbies is the Maiden’s Prayer: a half-shot each of gin, rum, Cointreau, and fresh lemon juice (not sweet & sour). Shaken cold and served in a martini glass with a lemon wheel garnish.

Very likeable, delicious, and classy.

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mojitos have been popular at the place i bartend along with run and cokes and if you are a beer drinker…black and blue drafts are a fav (guinness and blue moon combo)

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i like long beach ice tea because the pink color is just so manly, ;)
to stay up towards the end of the night, redbull/cranberry/vodka or just redbull/cranberry (and since I gave up alcohol that’s all I drink)

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a good drink I made up is redbull / hypnotiq / hennessey. Yum

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I tried everything. I’m drunk.

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LOL glad you had fun for us

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anything with alcohol then a line of coke

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How do you feel this morning? I hope you’re not too hungover!!

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I’m really hungover. The good thing is my kids will be with my mother until weds.

@ptaco: your drink was extreamly strong. The bartender took the recipe off of my phone. : )

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Try drinking lots of water. I hear that helps. I hope you feel better. did you have fun last night?

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drink some Gatorade or any drink in that area

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lots of fun. I tried everything, then some. Yes water & Gatorade are my new bestfriends. This is how it went.

Went out to eat had a cosmo and a white russian.
Got to the bar.
Jäger bomb
Two drafts of budlight,Long island icetea,mojito,colorado bulldog(like a mudslide)saltydog,redheaded slut(by the way there was one working the door)bahama mama,California Cocaine<3
Maiden’s prayer(very strong) rum and coke, Irish carbomb, vodka&sprite then a budlight. I was trashed!
you guys are awesome!

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That’s funny, the Maiden’s Prayer does taste like alcohol – you have to expect that with classic (pre-50s) drinks.

Glad I didn’t recommend a Rusty Nail. LOL

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p.s. Jeso Pete, your drink list sounds like you’re in the Express Lane to the Betty Ford Clinic.

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Wow!! Now I see why you were so hungover! Mixing so many different types of alcohol is asking for trouble. I’m surprised you didn’t end up in Risers suggested toilet stall for the night. It sounds to me like you had one of those “I’ll never do that again” nights!

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I highly recommend an Angry Dragon! It’s delicious, and will knock you on your ass like any good drink should. Not to everyone’s taste but worth a try. Otherwise, a solid Long Island Iced Tea, White Russians and as ptaco stated Maiden’s Prayer (had that when I turned 21. It seemed fitting. Not sure if it was the EXACT same recipe but similar and same name :D) makes me warm and fuzzy.

Angry Dragon:
– 1/2 oz vodka
– 1/2 oz hpnotiq® liqueur
– 1/4 oz grenadine syrup
– 1/4 oz irish cream (bailey’s)
– 1 splash everclear® alcohol

Light on fire and bottoms up!

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