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What grains do you ("you personally") mix together to make a cold cereal that you like?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) May 18th, 2010

i have been exploring the idea of mixing up a variety of grains, seeds, dried fruits to make a cereal that i can eat with milk. i know some people do this, as opposed to buying cereal in a box. if you mix your own cereal, what grains, fruits and other flavorings do you mix together to make a mixture that you like?

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I just throw together what ever I happen to have on hand. If I want a particular taste, I would limit the mix, but if I want a lot of variety, I will add more. I do buy my cereal in boxes, but that doesn’t stop me from mixing them up. I nearly always buy lots of the cheaper one, and then mix in the more expensive ones to add taste.

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I cook enough steel-cut oatmeal to last for five days. Each morning I heat up ½ c.: then I add a little ground flax seed (I grind my own in a Krup’s coffee grinder), some oat bran, a shake of organic cinnamon, some sunflower seeds, some sliced almonds or walnuts and 6 pitted prunes.

For variety, I put ½ c. lo-fat cottage cheese in bowl with ¾ c. fresh berries (or sliced fresh peaches or nectarines), the cinnamon, nuts, oat bran and ground flax seed.

Occasionally I will use ½ c. of high protein dry cereal called Golean and add the usual suspects plus some skim milk.

Fast, easy, filling and leaves me feeling extremely virtuous.

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Salted sunflower seeds, granola, raisins, craisins, mini chocolate chips and Capn’ Crunch. Perfect fuel to eat dry or cold.

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Donuts,coffeecake chunks.Lucky Charms all deepfried in a beer batter!
Actually just oats and raisins :)

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