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What is the best way to shave your face?

Asked by Cooldil17 (482points) May 18th, 2010

I’ve tried shaving in the shower, and after, shaving with the shower running so the steam opens up my pores and placing a hot rag on my face to open up my pores before hand. But no matter what I do, or how I shave, it always looks as though I have five o’ clock shadow right after I’m done shaving. My mom says it’s the razors but I’ve tried various brands with no luck. What am I doing wrong? How can I get rid of the five o clock shadow when I just shaved!?

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It’s just because you’ve got dark hair, which makes it impossible to totally eliminate all traces of facial hair. It appears to have a shadow because the hair under the skin shows; shaving only rids your face of hair above the skin’s surface. This happens to all men with dark hair (and women).
Unless you mean that hair above your skin is still present after shaving?

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I had a friend try Nair, but I would not recommend it. Better the shadow than chemical burns to your face. But that was before they came out with Nair for men.

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I just shave in the sink and use gel, hot water, and a Mach 3 Power. Those three vibrating blades make my cheeks baby-bottom smooth. I also have dark hair, but it won’t show for a few hours after I shave.

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Shit, shower, shave.

Works every time.

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It doesn’t look that bad in your picture but us guys with dark hair will always have a trace. Own it dude.
I always shave with the grain though to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs and always after a hot shower. Oh and I find the Edge gels to be the best.

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its better to wax it.. avoids making your face rougher if you shave it

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I use cold water instead, contrary to what most everyone says, but even with a cheap generic brand two blade razor, it works excellent for me. I don’t use cream or gel, I never get razor burn and I never cut myself. So I swear by icy cold water.

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Keep shaving in the shower. Be sure to use a 3-blade (or more) razor. Gillette Custom Plus is the cheapest high-quality 3-blade razor.

Use a shaving brush as well as your fingers, when spreading the shaving cream on your face. The brush, usually made of pig fur, will spread the cream around the tiny hair follicles.

Never shave against the grain of your hair, even if that means a less-close shave. (Maybe a few exceptions in small areas).

After shaving, splash an alcohol-based aftershave on, like Aqua-Velva (or the 99cent store version). The scent really doesn’t matter, it’s just to close your pores up when done. You could use ice, instead if you want, but the aftershave kills germs, which is very helpful.

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Ideally, apply a fairly hot wash cloth to your face to open your pores and soften your beard.

Shave with a good quality lather (I use a brush and mug with shaving soap)
Use a good razor such as a Mach 3 or better.

First shave in the direction your beard grows. That is most likely down, towards your chin and neck. Rinse your razor frequently with hot water.

Reapply lather and shave against the grain of your beard. This is very important to get a close shave.

Rinse well and you’re done!

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I disagree. Never shave against the grain even if it gets closer. The incidents of other skin irritations does not justify the closer shave.

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Some people just have a heavy beard, and from what I understand, as long as it isn’t bristly and scratchy, a lot of women find that quite attractive. Maybe it’s time to accept that you have a dark, heavy beard, and just keep your face feeling nice and smooth.

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Don’t know how much help my tips will be, since I have blonde hair, but I use a Gillette Fusion razor. A bit expensive, but worth it (I get a thick, coarse beard). To get a close shave, warm up the face/neck with hot towel. Then I add an even layer of shaving gel. Then shave my neck going with the grain/growth & then again going against it. It gets a very close shave.

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Shave like your (great)grandfather. Use a straight razor. No irritation, and you get the closest shave ever! Takes practice and steady hand, but it is worth it.

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That’s cool; a five o’clock shadow that’s smooth. Your girlfriend will like.

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I gave it up!! :-/
I now have a beard to be proud of ;-) which might I add, a lot of the ladies loveā€¦..

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If you got dark hair, the only thing that will help you get rid of the 5o clock shadow is shaving against the grain. I got black hair and no product (shaving gel, oldschool straight razor, 3 blade razors… done em all) can do enough to banish the shadow through normal shaving.

If I shave against the grain though, I come out smooth for a few hours. But imo it’s not worth the hassle.You’re smooth for half a day but risk irritation and spend extra time and energy for the super close shave. My advice: Don’t bother, maybe get a very close shave for special occasions if you feel like it.

Perfect shaves are overrated anyway. Five o clock shadow and three day beards ftw, they look cooler too imo.

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