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What would you trust from a secondhand store such as the Salvation Army?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) May 18th, 2010

I frequently get bored during my lunch hour, and in a desperate attempt to get out of the office for a bit I wander around the various stores/buildings across the street. Lately, I’ve been wandering around the thrift store, and sometimes I’m surprised at what they carry (for example, a wireless access point) and for how cheap ($5). Obviously they have clothes, toys, kitchen utensils, even furniture, but some of it is in a questionable state.

Do you have anything you would never buy at a thrift store, regardless of how cheap it was? What about things you’d grab with no second thought?

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A mattress
Cloth furniture

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When I go to thrift shops, I head straight for the music CDs, books, and electronic gizmos. Generally, I don’t go there for clothes, but every now and then I’ll find something interesting. I have no interest in getting anything else (maybe a few candles here and there), but really, I’d trust just about anything except things that could’ve been soiled as @tinyfaery mentioned.

I bought a $6 vacuum cleaner at a thrift shop that would’ve regularly been $40. It was dirty, yes. But I cleaned it and it works perfectly. So I would draw the line at a vacuum cleaner.

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t shirts, household appliances, anything except underwear and plastic cups and shitty vcr’s.

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A vibrator or other sex toy.

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I agree with @tinyfaery. I must admit I shop 2nd hand stores quite often. Mostly for books. But I’ve come across quite a few designer handbags and clothes that are in excellent shape. I also give a lot to VOA, Salvation Army, Good Will (I use to be an auction junky and now I’m trying to downsize). Last month I donated some drapes and to make a long story short, decided I wanted to use them on my windows in a spare bedroom, so I went to buy them back but the price was too high. LOL!

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I inspect every purchase as much as possible, and make sure it is in good condition, and not overpriced. There isn’t much that I wouldn’t buy. Not everything is used, because stores donate unsold merchandise so even underwear is not out of the question.

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At Goodwill, my bought a brand new Quizenart(spelling) coffeemaker, $110 to 200 value for $3.00. it was in the original box and never used. we have been making 3 pots of coffee in it each day and its great. she took the chance that it worked and it did. it was a $3.00 bet that paid off. sometimes, buying items at thrift stores can be tricky. after you go for so many times, you learn whats good and what to ignore.

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Hard things like wooden furniture or glass items, or clothing that can be sanitized. I would not buy fabric covered furniture (unless it could be easily recovered) . I probably would not buy electronics because I only donate them when they don’t work. I would not buy shoes unless they were sneakers that could go into the washer.

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I buy fun clothes, and various odds and ends, have bought a really cool painting and had it reframed. ( $15 painting, $150 frame job, but it’s an awesome piece! )

I recently bought a cool bedspread type cover for my outdoor futon and some neat pillows that were clean and in brand new condition because everything I put outside on my deck fades in the sun after only a short while.

I would not buy underware, shoes or anything that has too personal a flavor to it.

I love thrift stores though and while I can and do buy higher end items as well, I like the treasure hunt feeling of the second hand stores.

Actually I just started helping weekends for the season at the new books & bargains store in my little river tourist community, I am paid, but also get 1st pick of whatever, we have a vendor that brings dvd’s, all newer titles and we sell them for $4.50, whatta deal!

Because our community caters to rafters & kayak’ers and all sorts of hiking and river action we also have a really cool camping section with everything from backpacks to inner tubes to life jackets, ours is a really awesome set up and it’s very fun to go through all the donations and pick out prices and arrange the store.

I hang out with Crackers the shop dog and we have a woodstove and a river view too! :-)

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I’d get anything I could machine wash.

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I’ve never seen underwear in a second-hand store (maybe its just not a British thing) and I wouldn’t buy second-hand footwear. I also wouldn’t buy board games or jigsaw puzzles because I’d worry that there would be pieces missing. Most other things, sure.

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