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while you're on your iPhone, does the Internet ever black out while you're using it?

Asked by teejay0514 (285points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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Yeah, but that’s because the signal drops out. It’s not often.

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safari sometimes closes unexpectedly but its not due to lack of signal.

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yea mine does that to. It really blanks out when I use myspace mobile which sucks by the way. I wonder y this happens!!!

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Well when safari closes it’s because the cache is full. By black out, I thought he meant something different.

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Wow, that’s never happened to me. Usually I’m the one to black out.

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it happens to me as well I’m using the iPod touch. Its frustrating

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It happens to me too. I’m using the iPhone. Sometimes I’ve noticed either someone is trying to call – at least that’d what I thought. Maybe it is because the cache is full.

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sorry meant that’s not that’d.

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It happens once in a while. I try to minimize the occurrence by ensuring that I have 1GB or more if free memory, and I periodically clear my history and cache. It also helps to turn the iPhone off and allowing it to go through its shut-down and bootup process from time-to-time (I am not talking about a forced restart, but to push and hold only the sleep button and then using the red slider to Shut Down).

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