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What's a witty, sarcastic comeback for "How about doing me instead?"?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) May 18th, 2010

So someone posted some anonymous Q&A thing, the first time was this person asked “Do me?” and I answer “Do you? A favor? Sure why not?”.
This person read my reply and now he asked another Q “How about do me instead?” and I want to reply back with a witty remark/reply yet letting this person feels like he still want me :P

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“You look done already.”

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“You have hands.”

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Do it yourself.

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I’ll do your wife before I’d do you.

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‘Sorry, the only sleeping you can expect is with a blanket and a thumb to suck on.’

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“you can’t handle the ride?”

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I’ve heard a water bottle with warm water works, but if not grab the vacuum, that should relieve the pressure. :)

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No thanks. I hear the clap is a bitch to get rid of.

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Sorry, but I already did your parents and they said your no prize.

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@shego I’ve heard a water bottle with warm water works

That actually does not work :(

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@FutureMemory you’ve actually tried it?

talljasperman's avatar

@shego a cold shower doesn’t work either

Trillian's avatar

Can someone explain the mechanics of the water bottle to me?

talljasperman's avatar

@shego does a warm bath count?

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“Do you? Sure, just let me grab this spade”

CMaz's avatar

“Take a number.”

Berserker's avatar

Sorry, my mom always told me not to play with filthy things.

xTheDreamer's avatar

Nice witty remarks haha, I like. I’ve replied with two of these remarks
and this person replied back with “Who says im done ! the ride never ends”.
Let me read your witty replies on that one! :D

Resonantscythe's avatar

“You mean the acid trip you must be on to think you can handle this?”

Trillian's avatar

Go in the next room and drop your pants. If I’m not there in five minutes, start without me.

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

Tell him, “Sorry, I don’t do miniatures!”

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