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What does a "hotel night auditor" do?

Asked by srmorgan (6750points) May 18th, 2010

What would be in a job description for this job title?

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Wikipedia has a good explanation.

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I passed this along to an old coworker of mine whose job was exactly that. Hopefully she’ll respond. She worked usually I believe from 11PM – 7AM at a Hyatt Regency, but as to her EXACT responsibilities I cannot remember them with enough accuracy to speak on her behalf. If I can, I’ll get more information from her for you.

Remember though, as with all odd jobs – other responsibilities may apply. In hotels a lot of things are shared work. Be prepared to help out all over particularly in this job.

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I should mention, the wiki article @johnpowell linked is very accurate. Hopefully, my friend can shed some light on what her experience was and give a more realistic idea of the night’s work and events.

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You print reports. And do other busy work because nothing else goes on. The night audit is a very long report. You have to file things certain places, and counting money is involved. I worked at a hotel for 3½ years and I sometimes did the night audit, though not often. It’s boring as hell.

Edit: You also have to do the other front desk things like checking in, checking out if people leave early. Customer service/concierge if there is no concierge like bringing things to people or solving problems with the internet/aid conditioner/porn movies. You would not believe how many people call down about porn so willingly. It’s kind of icky. You also will take some reservations or cancel some, whatever.

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good question to ask in an interview?

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I did this job for a few summers way back in college. Basically, each room is an account and you’re in charge of adding that days room charge and any incidental charges and then balancing the room’s “account”. The hotel I worked at was small and the whole process was done by hand in a great big ledger. Are you familiar with simple bookeeping skills? Each column has to add up and each row has to add up and then the total horizontal and the total vertical have to match otherwise you have a discrepancy and you get to do the whole thing over. Luckily you have eight (mostly) interupted hours to do this.
Yes you do have to check in late arrivals and sundry front desk jobs. But mostly the work takes a few hours and then you have lots of time to read!!
I did work night audit for a few weeks at a larger hotel here in NY (also years ago). The whole system was computerized which made the process take even less time.

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Count Money,make breakfast bags, check to see if you have any arrivals before running the night audit program, print reports,change IBM tape,do a bucket check, wait for Telegram to call, make coffee, preform a guest zip-out, print and deliver receipts and Telegram to all due out room(s), deliver USA today to all Gold and Diamond members in-house and due out, usually some guests check out by 6:30am. :)

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