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Does anyone else find it odd Family Guy hasn't really taken a shot at Obama yet?

Asked by iwillwearyouasahat (95points) May 18th, 2010

I noticed this glaring omission this afternoon. They have full episodes on George Bush and Bill Clinton along with numerous other small appearances by presidents. They lampoon almost anyone currently in the spotlight but to my knowledge they haven’t touched Obama.(I may be wrong but I am about as big a fan as they come) Does anyone else find this strange? Any speculation as to why?

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Maybe they like him.

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It’s only a matter of time before this occurs. No one is safe from the blasphemy (humor) on that television show. I think they should take some shots at him on South Park too.

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American Dad did last week. Same people involved. It was the episode where they try to get Obama to poop in the pool.

And Family Guy did last week when they went to DC. It was just a joke but they didn’t have a caricature of him in the episode.

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@Bluefreedom They made a whole episode with Obama stealing a gem from the white house

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I have seen a few shots in American dad, which is made by the same people, but not in familiy guy. I’m sure they have (reading the above answer), but it’s hard to make fun of someone when they don’t give you much material, you could make jokes about his policies or administration as a whole if you are against them, but it’s hard to make fun of Obama as a person.

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They won’t ever really diss Obama… they might parody, but they won’t take potshots the way they did with Bush and Clinton. First of all, Clinton had the whole jazz musician, smooth guy thing going on, not to even mention the Monica debacle. Dubya? Do I even have to say anything here?

But Seth is a liberal and was actively promoting Obama. So I wouldn’t expect to see anything like that, unless he pulls a Clinton.

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Have the Simpsons skewered Obama yet?

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