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Has spell checking improved your spelling ability or made it worse

Asked by Besafe (441points) March 14th, 2008
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Mutch Werse.

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auto-correct made my spelling horrific. Once I turned it off I had made myself learn how to type words correctly.

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I reckon its made mine better. However, it has also made me lazy. If I don’t know a word I just guess and correct it.

I suspect that the US English spellings are slowly replacing the UK English ones as the US one tends to be the default on Windows and popular software. (Might actually be a good thing as some UK spellings really don’t make sense!)

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Better. At least now I know what I consistently spell wrong, and what I need to learn how to spell correctly. I focus on the words that I see appear often.
For example: I ALWAYS spell embarrassed wrong, but I didn’t that time because i’ve done it so many times recently that I realized that I had been forgetting an R every time.

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in my case using t9 on my cell has improved my spelling.

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It has made mine worse. What’s t9?

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iPhone’s spell checker killed my inner child

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It’s made mine much, much worse. I won spelling bees when I was a kid. Now the intarwebs and texting have singlehandedly torpedoed me.

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spell checking has made my spelling better.

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spell check also made mine better because when i don’t know how to spell i word i usually just guess how to spell it, then correct it and remember how it was spelled.

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I have learned how to spell a few words I had problems with BUT. Like others admited I have gotten lazy, counting on spell check to fix it. Result- when there is no spell check I have tons of errors.

Who is willing to shut off spell check for a month?

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I never was a great speller, so it may have made my spelling a little better. The funny thing is my muscle memory typing. I spell much better typing than writing. My fingers just know how to punch the words out subconsciously.

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